You’re a Shining Star, No Matter Who You Are!

Dear Parents & Friends,

Brrrrrr!!!  It’s been a chilly day today at camp.  It drizzled all morning and the temperature hovered around 76.  Those that braved the water today had a treat waiting in the Lodge with a fire.  We’ve had a warm fire going all day in the Lodge and it was big hit as cabins and groups passed through between raindrops and program.  I worked on the Lake this morning helping with kayaking and since it was the first day you have to teach wet exits.  Mike and I were in the water for both hours and I was cold and know the campers were too.  The water temperature actually felt warmer than the air temp.  All was well and we all just shivered a bit before warming up.  Despite the drizzle, program marched on and we all waited for the sun to come out.  By lunch, no sun but no rain and all was well the rest of the day.  Anyone that had a water activity this afternoon could opt out for any other activity that had openings and most did opt out.  There were a few campers that still wanted to go 50 times down the zip line.  Future Navy Seals!

Stage Combat has been a success the last couple of sessions.  Brought by Mack to camp, the children really love their choreographed martial arts routine with the batons.  You will notice a very short video with the photos from today that Natalie, our photographer took.  In Shady Grove (a converted old cabin), we’ve set up our weaving program which has been a great success this summer.  Our arts at camp are very good for younger campers and I’m always proud of the things our campers do with their hands utilizing their talents and creativity.  We bought 10 new looms this spring and it’s been a real bonus to the overall arts program.  Max, another staff member has been teaching a martial arts class in the Lodge and it’s been well received.  Children are learning how to tumble and fall properly as well some escapes and simple defense technique.  In a non aggressive format, it’s good for coordination, balance, speed and confidence.  Those at the Mill today did a good bit of shucking and grinding corn.  From that batch we’ll get lots of grits and cornmeal.  It’s fun to step back to the 1890’s, when our Mill was built, and live life as it was then doing many of the same things a Miller and his workers or children might do.  There are some added treats that go along… I’m sure that Miller didn’t have  4 ice cream freezers hooked up to the Mill that produced any flavor you wanted.

As the summer progresses our crops change too.  Tomatoes are starting to come in and we’ll need to get some more sun to a have a healthy crop.  They don’t do well in damp conditions.  That cabbage you see in the photos became cole slaw on the table tonight.  With the farm in mind, we held our farm campfire tonight.  Everyone turned up at the Lodge to see the piglets being named (you might have witnessed a similar scene if you saw the Lion King).  Our farm band, The Needle Nose Vice Grips, played a lot of music, danced and sang some camp songs as well as a couple of their own.  My favorite was one called, “Home Grown Tomatoes”, which they called their theme song.  Even the piglets got in on the act as they squealed into the microphone.  It was a fun evening and one that was warmed by the fire and all of our campers including Mountainside and Riverside.  It was good to have everyone present and see the young and the older there.

Camp is all about community.  Our campers have so many opportunities to meet many wonderful adults at camp as they go about their regular routine.  There’s a wealth of talented mentors here who teach and parent the campers each day.  It’s not a perfect world but it’s close when we’re humming along.  We have a great staff this year and that’s the essence of our program.  Thank you for sending us your children and we appreciate the time we spend with them.  They are all shining stars.  Stay tuned!