Winter Greetings

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and is enjoying the beginning to the new year. This is travel time for us as we continue our camper promotion and kick off staff recruitment as well. Come out and join us at one of our shows or come join us at one of our camper fairs that may be in your area. Don’t forget to bring a friend. Andy is headed to New Zealand and Australia on Sunday to attend several staff fairs in that part of the world as Anne, Grant and Ryan head out on camper recruitment. As we burn the road up there’s work going on at camp to prepare for you this coming summer. Maintenance and dredging in the lake is complete and much to our dismay, we didn’t find any treasures on the bottom. The usual t-shirt, sunglasses and missing masks and snorkels were the hot ticket. The bridge to the stables is getting rebuilt and being made wider. Dale says it’s so wide we’ll need to paint lines down the middle. Two way traffic on that bridge! Maybe horses! It’s certainly going to be sturdy. We’ll be able to drive the Space Shuttle across and it may even be wide enough. Take care!