What a Fun Group!


“Those first few days go so slowly and way too soon it’s almost over.”  This was said to me by a child in passing yesterday and it’s so true.  Our last full day started with a glorious morning – sun shining bright and full steam ahead for all water activities.  Morning activities were wrapping up for the last time and focused on putting the icing on the cake so to speak.  Camp was humming in all ways as we worked through the morning hours into lunch.  A child’s favorite, mac and cheese midday meal greeted us with fruit, fresh broccoli from the garden, assorted vegetables, and roast chicken.  Rest hour came and went and the sky clouded over just after to bring a much needed shower later in the day. 


While Main Camp was doing the Main Thing, our Mountainsiders made their way on their first day of adventures going in many directions.  Climbers headed out to Looking Glass Rock, bikers ventured into Dupont State Forest to explore over a 100 miles of trails, and backpackers started their home on their back journey at the Pink Beds just shy of 5000 feet close to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Pisgah.  Two water based groups split and the kayakers and canoers headed to the Green River Gorge to paddle the lower Green, while the expedition canoers started nearby GV on the upper French Broad and made their way toward camp to spend their first night on the river.  These campers will come back on Saturday with stories to tell and confidence that shines. 

Riverside returned yesterday and spent their day cleaning and returning gear and preparing to head out paddling on Sunday.  I spent a couple of hours with them on the lake in the early afternoon, orienting them to paddles, boats, strokes, and lots of information to spirit them on their ever growing skills toward their week of rivers. 


Just before dinner, Main Camp got a swim in and did their health checks.  Our last evening is almost known to all since it’s so hard to keep this secret if you’ve attended camp before.  Dinner on the last night of a session is always homemade pizza, salad, and fruit. The pizza is the best because of the crust but don’t tell the campers that it is whole wheat.  It’s a baker’s day at camp and not to be outdone making pizza, the dessert for the evening are brownies that are so chocolatey that Willy Wonka would faint at the sight and taste. I can only eat just one but children on the other hand could tackle several given the chance. 

After dinner last night, we headed back to the cabins to finish up packing that was interrupted by rain and a little thunder earlier in the day. From there it was off to the Lodge to sing, chat about closing day, and enjoy the performance of a version of Little Red Riding Hood that I had never seen. The characters literally stepped out of a Hillbilly Elegy role complete with accents and colloquialisms that cracked everyone up.  The true twist in the story was the hero from Australia, which I had never known about and came along just in time to save the story, grandma and of course Little Red Riding Hood. While it was not an academy nomination, it was fun and true to camp! Our evening closed as it does at the end of every campfire with Debbie playing “Sheep May Safely Graze” by Bach.  It’s been a camp staple for a long time.


It has been a great week spent with your children.  After returning home, I  hope you will be enjoying stories and lots of talk about camp. They have been a fun group and our week with them has provided a wonderful beginning to our camp season.  Thank you for sharing them! We hope to see them back at camp next year.  Stay tuned!