We’re all superheroes here at GV!


Dear Families and Friends,

Today was an incredibly special day at Gwynn Valley… it was our very first Special Day of the summer! Specials Days happen on Sundays during the two and three week sessions. During these unique programming days, cabin groups spend the day together exploring new activities and games that are only offered once a session. There’s always a theme and a story to unite the day, and today’s Special Day theme was Superheroes!

We started the morning with a sleep in for all campers and staff, which was much appreciated after a non-stop week of fun. For breakfast we had pancakes, fruit, and bacon; a favorite Special Day breakfast! At the end of breakfast we were all met by the ‘evil villain’ who arrived at GV last week for our big game and who is notorious for stealing the desserts at camp. He had broken free of the spell he had been put under before and now it was up to the campers to discover their own innate magical abilities and turn the ‘evil villain’ good once and for all! The campers went with their cabin groups to explore lots of special games and activities set up around camp. They worked on their water abilities by going off of the zipline, mastered their wind control with an obstacle course created and run by the Young Leaders, and outsmarted the water pixies with a game of camouflage to master their earth powers. With 18 different activities being run around camp, there was much to do and see!

While our Main Campers and Young Leaders enjoyed a Special Day full of super activities, Riversiders and Mountainsiders were busy with adventure preparations and send off activities. After breakfast, we said farewell to our Riversiders as they left for their hiking adventure, the third and final four-day trip they’ll take for the session. They started their hike at Black Balsam, and will be hiking down the Art Loeb Trail over the coming days. All together they’ll be hiking about 15 miles. Mountainside spent the morning packing for their adventures. They will leave tomorrow and five separate groups will depart for three days of biking, paddling, climbing, earth skills, or hiking. There was a great deal of excitement from our Mountainsiders at meals today as they discussed the training they’ve had for their trips and the excited nerves they’re all feeling for all that’s to come!

As our day came to a close, our whole camp community gathered in the Lodge for our Sunday Service. After such an active day, this was a nice, quiet way to wrap up our evening. Each week we have a theme for Sunday Service as well, and this week we focused on the wonders of our beautiful planet and natural surroundings. Both Anne and Grant shared readings on the wonders and joys of God’s Green Earth. Many campers shared music as well as readings and poetry. We closed this evening program they way we do every night, listening to Debbie’s magical fingers play out Sheep May Safely Graze as cabin groups walked quietly across the green and off to bed.