Virtual Learning Resource

This week, Gov. Roy Cooper extended North Carolina school closures to May 15th, and many other states have made similar decisions. During this window of ‘virtual learning’ we want to share resources to help newly promoted teaching assistants (aka parents who are at home with their children!) with some resources to help keep your home-stays fun and engaging!

Here’s a tip to get you started from NPR’s Lifekit podcast on homeschooling during the coronavirus. We’ve seen lots of parents and educators sharing daily schedules – which are definitely important! – but we found this perspective refreshing. “While it’s good to have a general daily routine, you can also be flexible. It’s OK to let your kids sleep in a little later than usual–research shows many of our children and teens are chronically sleep-deprived.” So take advantage of this time to let your children (and yourself!) catch up on some of the sleep we are habitually missing out on in our normal go-go-go world.

What’s working at your home? If you have ideas for future resources to share, send an email to…/6-tips-for-homeschooling-during-coron…