UK Day!

Dear Parents & Friends,

It’s been one heck of a day here at camp.  Today was UK day starting out with William Wallace’s crew (of Braveheart fame) running the English Lords out of Scotland by descending from the woods and taking the Green to declare their independence.  From there it was all uphill complete with an English breakfast, English lunch and English dinner.  Lunch was a picnic with the Queen herself and her husband Prince Phillip.  The Prince was wondering if this “Queen” stuff was going to go to Mrs. Camp Director’s head.  We shall see.  Prince Phillip was not properly dressed according to the Queen.  More on UK day latter.

The campers at Yanderside were making some beautiful scarves and marbled paper today while I was over there.  The technique they used is a drip method of color and then moving small needles through the paint to provide a unique design.  No one is the same and you can use a combination of colors and techniques to get the desired effect.  The Mill was also going strong this morning while I was there and campers were making Johnny Cakes and fishing but not having too much luck with the fishing end of it.  I speculate that it was just too hot for them to bite.

Showers came and went today but nothing stopped the GV program.  I went on a bike trip this afternoon with 6 boys from Main Camp to Dupont State Forest.  Those in attendance were Spencer PM, Scott RN, Owain SR, Max AL, Robert SR, John Charles RN, and Asher SR.  It was one of the best camp trips I’ve ever been on.  We parked at Lake Imaging and took Jim Branch trail up to the Gion Farm and the mountain bike play park.  Jim Branch is uphill the whole way but the ride back on Ridgeline was well worth it.  At the play park they have what’s called a pump track.  It’s a series of banked berms and bumps that you ride over and the idea is to pump your bike to generate perpetual motion so you don’t have to pedal.  The turns are quick and it’s in a very small area.  It’s very good for learning to shift your weight on your bike as well as responding to the ever changing  terrain of the track.  You pull up when you go up a berm and push down when you go down the back side.  They are only a foot or so high and the turns are all banked about the three feet high.  We paused briefly to talk with Mountainside while we were there and the boys went right back to it and we couldn’t pull them away.  Everyone improved and several boys dialed it in pretty quickly.  Usually they like to spend more time on the play park riding the skinny’s and the teter-toter but today it was the pump track.  The ride back to the van was all down hill like a roller coaster.  In all we rode about 5 miles.  Good Stuff.

Mountainside and Riverside come back tomorrow and we’re looking forward to seeing them.  I’m sure they will have some good stories to tell.

UK day continued tonight for campfire as many of the cabins got in on the show along with all of our UK staff.  The opening scene was from  Harry Potter where they were all in school learning about interesting facts from the UK.  It was quite informative.  Various figures from history appeared as did quite a few famous musical groups from the UK.  We ended with some Beatles music and scones and whipped cream as everyone left the Lodge.  Tomorrow is Tajar Ball and the play at campfire. Never a dull moment and simple joys of childhood abound.  Stay tuned!