Twilight Play, Adventures, and More!


Dear Families and Friends,

We have enjoyed another great day at camp! Campers worked hard on their final morning of A day Discoveries! The third day of discoveries is always exciting as campers have had a chance to master the area they’re in. Be it finishing a challenging project in crafts, overcoming fears on the ropes course, or proudly sharing the victory of a successful wet exit in kayaking, there are many memory-making moments on these mornings! 

The afternoon was met with as much joy and excitement as morning discoveries, campers were able to choose from a multitude of sign-ups, including making and racing corn boats down the stream with the Mill, ultimate frisbee at sports, and playing games on horseback down at the stables. An exciting aspect of sign-ups towards the end of the session is that campers have already had a chance to try many different activities, and often challenge themselves to try something new. If a camper hasn’t gone to the farm yet, they’ll eagerly sign-up knowing it’s one of the last chances they’ll have to pick veggies and play with the baby animals (including the new baby goats)!

We ended the day on Main Camp with Twilight play, where campers get another hour-long activity to enjoy! With a beautiful sunset and lots of happy campers playing all around camp, it was a perfect way to end the day. 

As Main Camp enjoyed their day, both our Riverside and Mountainside groups continued on day 3 of their 4-day adventures! The Riverside and Mountainside backpackers neared the final few miles of their hikes, while the canoers and climbers focused on more challenging rivers and rock faces having two days experience under their belts. Our Earth Skills campers are surely masters of many nature skills by now, having ample opportunities to learn survival skills and outdoor crafts. We know that our campers will be reluctant to end their journeys tomorrow, but they will be excitedly greeted by us all and will get to celebrate the Tajar’s birthday as a welcome back! 

  As the days fly by and the end of the session draws close, we are remembering to enjoy the little moments that make camp special. We are grateful for the memories and friendships that are made here each summer and for you all who share your incredible campers with us each year.