Twilight Play, Adventures, and an Inspection!


Dear Families and Friends, 

Another great day has passed at Gwynn Valley and what a full and exciting day it was! We started our morning enjoying the cool mountain air. It’s always a pleasure waking up to fog over the lake and then watching it dissipate as the sun rises higher in the sky throughout the morning. As the morning warmed up, campers had a chance to enjoy their second day of A Day Discoveries. On the second day, campers have the chance to further a skill they’ve learned, work on a craft they started two days prior, or for some, practice their lines for the upcoming Fine Arts play!
On Mountainside, campers participated in their third day of mini-adventures. These campers will have one final day of minis tomorrow before making their decision about the full-length adventure they will be going on later in the session! 

Our mornings are always exciting at camp, and this morning was no exception, with a visit from our health inspector! Every year we are visited by the health inspector who we show around our cabins, our health hut, and kitchen (to name a few). We strive for a clean and safe environment at camp and do our best each day to make sure that goal is achieved. We were all thrilled to hear that the inspectors were pleased with the standards we uphold and gave us a score of 98! 

As we were busy showing off everything we do for the health and safety of our campers, we were also showing off the parts of camp that make it so fun for our visiting videography crew. We heard more interviews from campers and staff today, talking about why they love camp so much. The best part of my day was being able to listen in on how much our campers are able to take away from their camp experiences. Hearing our campers talk about why they love being able to unplug and make such strong connections with others was such a beautiful experience. 
The rest day was filled with sweet reflections from campers, lots of sunshine, and the general fun that makes camp, camp! 

This morning, campers learned and chose activities for our special evening program called Twilight Play. This evening program is a chance for campers to have another activity period during the day! Some campers could enter their names in a lottery to participate in activities such as Sunset Archery, Climbing up the Tower Swing, and even Horse Painting where campers were able to actually paint on the horses! For our campers who didn’t want to participate in the pre-assigned activities, they were able to choose from several other activities such as lake fun, popcorn, and stories at the Mill, and even making Dip Candles with crafts! 
With so much excitement happening, it was certainly a fun and full day, leaving everyone happy, fulfilled, and excited for tomorrow’s 4th of July adventures!