Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


It’s hard to believe we are halfway through D session. Time has really flown by here at camp, and we hope it has for you as well. It has been a full day here with the third day of AM discoveries. Campers were doing everything, from riding a horse through the center of camp, biking the main camp trail, and making all sorts of crafts. With such a full and active morning, our breakfast of farm grown and milled grits with sausage, fruit, and cereal gave our campers a great start.

We’ve had a full dining hall with our Mountainsiders and Riversiders. Mountainside was on their 4th day of mini-adventures where campers do a day of getting a taste of what the five adventures would be like. Campers will rate their enthusiasm for expedition canoeing, white water paddling, backpacking, climbing, and biking, so they can be assigned one to do for their multi-day and night adventure at the end of the session. It’s been lovely having our Riversiders back on site, and they spent the afternoon on the lake with our Program Director, Chris learning about different paddling techniques for their canoeing adventure.

This afternoon we had our usual sign-ups of biking, pottery, arts and crafts, blacksmithing, archery, wall climbing, kayaking, free swim, basketball, and volleyball, and more for our main campers. With such a full and exciting day our dinner of lasagna, salad, and homemade garlic bread really hit the spot. Throwing in the surprise dessert of a mixed berry crumble, made everyone happy.

We closed out the evening with Twilight play, another opportunity for campers to do one of the more traditional sign up activities like horseback riding, doing the tower swing, making pottery, having some delicious snacks at the Mill, and doing Sit on Tops at sunset. Fear not for our Mountainsiders as they had a blast with a scavenger hunt. Cabins were given a list of items to bring which included things like advice from a leadership person, a weird, random object, a drawing of nalzekiel (a combination of Ezekiel and Nala, the camp dog), a friend who isn’t on older program, and more. It was such a fun time seeing the cabins work together to find as many items on the list as possible. Riverside spent their time at the Forge blacksmithing.

Camp is quiet now with crickets chirping and a clear sky. We can’t wait to see what adventures and experiences tomorrow will bring.