Time Flies When You’re Having Fun at Camp


Dear Parents, Family, and Friends,

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through D session. Time has really flown by here at camp, and we hope it has for you as well. It has been a full day, starting with the first day of AM sign-ups. We do morning sign-ups when discoveries are over, as it allows the campers even more opportunities to try different activities and perhaps do something they haven’t already tried. We also said goodbye to our Riversiders as they headed to The Green River for their second adventure, canoeing. While we are sad they needed to head out so soon after returning from climbing, the campers and staff were excited to being their next trip and test themselves in new ways and practice the skills they were learning for the past two days while they were here at camp.

We also had two Main Camp Adventure Trips go out, Camping Skills and Nature and Climbing. Campers are chosen to go on these trips based on what the instructors have observed in discoveries and sign-ups. Most of the time, these campers are also on Brookside. On these MCATs, campers will get real world practice in regards to the activity. The climbers headed out to Looking Glass Rock while the CSN group went to Black Balsam for a hike.  

This afternoon we had our usual sign-ups of biking, arts and crafts, blacksmithing, archery, wall climbing, basketball and volleyball, and more. Our Mountainsiders also got some PM arts fun by having the opportunity to go to the pottery shop and get their hands dirty, in the literal sense. Some of our campers also had some additional training for our Kayaking MCAT on the lake. This group of campers will leave tomorrow morning after breakfast for a river trip. 

During dinner, our dining hall seemed exceptionally small with  all of Mountainside out for their Midsummer Night Banquet at the Hunt Farm and several cabins on campout. For those of us who remained in the dining hall, we had an exceptional meal of BBQ chicken, rice, corn from the farm, salad, homemade cornbread, and broccoli. 

With such a fun and exciting day full of smiles, laughs, friendships and adventure, campfire was a nice time for campers to see what the Fine Arts discovery had been working tirelessly on. The play was “A Night at the Art Museum”, similar to the film “Night at the Museum” but with a GV twist. The story took place in an art museum which appears normal to the public, but once night falls all the paintings and artwork come to life, with only the night guard to witness. It was clear to see the amount of dedication our campers took during their discovery period to help write the play, practice, learn all new original songs written by Debbie, and for the stage crew and costume designers to bring the story to life for the rest of camp to see. It was such a perfect end to an amazing day. We hope yours was half as full and exciting as ours here at camp. Tune in tomorrow for another blog and International Day.