Thursday Means Twilight Play!

Dear Parents & Friends,

Another warm sunny day here at camp filled by active children and staff.  Mountainside was back on their mini-adventures today with MS campers going in 4 different directions to get a feel for the 4 adventures they will be able to choose from.  Riverside returns tomorrow from Linville Gorge where they’ve been climbing for 4 days.  I’m sure it’s been hot there.  We’ve heard there have record temps broken all around us but at least it’s still cool here in the mornings and evenings.  Perfect swimming weather but we do need some rain for boating.  We have some in the forecast for the next several days but only a 30-40% chance.  We could also use some rain for the farm even though we have a well at the farm we could utilize.  Dale, our site manager put in a well last year as a back-up in case we had another dry summer.  He’s actually got a windmill he was hoping to put up at some point this summer to actually pump the water from the well to the garden so we don’t have to rely on electricity.

You may have seen the pics from our Arborist climbing program.  It’s a very cool part of our rock climbing program that campers love.  You actually ascend the rope using the same kind of rope you’re climbing by utilizing a Blakes Hitch.  It’s a knot that grabs the rope and does not loosen its grip when it’s under tension.  Campers tie safety knots as they ascend the rope and as the come back down they untie them.  It’s a great way for campers to feel like they have a sense of independence even though the staff have them in a Fireman’s Belay on the ground.  It takes a fair amount of coordination to ascend because you’re using your arms and legs and moving very slowly.  They do make mechanical ascenders but this is what’s used by Arborists to ascend trees they don’t want to spike.

We utilized our rest hour today to watch some of the World Cup semis.  I was going to show Holland and Uruguay but one of my children taped over the match.  Instead we watched Germany and Spain.  There was only one goal so it wasn’t as exciting as the other game.  Since rest hour is only about an hour we had to fast forward a good bit but enjoyed seeing some of the highlights.  I had about 35 boys and a couple of girls who were in the group.  We’ll probably show the finals later Sunday.  I know this is not in keeping with our GV low tech philosophy but it’s the World Cup.  Soccer is a great game for participation because there are so many “touches” and it is not a hand eye coordination game which dominates other sports.  I owe a lot to soccer because it helped me get my start in camping many years ago.

Twilight play was tonight, which means that we had an extended time for after supper activities.  It’s a very cool time of the day to run around and not be so hot.  There were a number of activities that were going on in all areas of camp.  World Cup Soccer on the soccer field, Capture the Flag on the Brookside portion of camp (which drew about 30 players to play on the two teams), Name Tags, Candle Making, Kayaking on the Lake, Basketball, Frisbee Golf,  Pottery, Milling, and a couple of other Arts & Crafts projects.  It’s like having a fifth activity period added to the day.   There’s always room for more play.  Good thing we don’t have a camp in Alaska; we’d never go to bed.  Stay tuned!