The Tajar’s Birthday!

Dear Parents & Friends,

We’re just getting back from a full day at GV.  All of Main Camp attended the theatre tonight with a production about the Avenger’s and their experiences from their high school days.  All the super heroes went to high school together and they were all trying to be #1.  The play was totally written by the campers who participated.  Debbie wrote the music and Mack and Emily directed.  Just before the play we held a huge carnival on the athletic field to celebrate the Tajar’s Birthday.  If you don’t know who the Tajar is, just ask your child.  Each session we celebrate his birthday and everyone comes to the party in costume.  This event has been going on at Gwynn Valley for a very long time.  We usually have burgers and dogs outside and then hold the carnival.  Because of rain tonight we had to eat indoors but the weather blew over in time for fun and games.  There was Fortune Telling, Soccer Shootout, Hayrides, Bucket Breakup, TP Toss, Frisbee Throw, Face Painting, free food including ice cream, Guess the M&M’s, The Penny Toss, Sponge Throw, and lots more.  There were all kinds of costumes at the Ball and Carnival.  I’m sure you’ll recognize some characters from your household.

Earlier today those Mountainsider’s and Riversider’s came home and are safe and sound sleeping in their own beds.  Each group had their share of rain over the past several days.  I spoke with many of them about that and it seemed it rained on everyone at one point or the other.  They all came back with smiles and that’s what counts.  We’ll look forward to having them back at our tables tomorrow at lunch.  They all get a big sleep-in tomorrow morning.  There will be several trips out tomorrow with Kayakers, Mountain Bikers, and Climbers all from Main Camp heading out.  I hope to go with the Kayakers to the Green River.  It will be an all day trip for that group.  They were doing their final preps today on the lake and getting psyched.  Speaking of water, Cindy our waterfront director is doing a great job with our fledgling canoers and we’ve seen great progress in adding to their skills.  Another water activity that I got involved with by chance today was Web of Life.  I happened to be coming back from horseback riding and found them at the Lake.  This has been a bumper crop year for tadpoles in our lake.  They are not the tiny ones either.  They’re huge and most are growing legs at this point.  They were hard to catch and I took off my shoes and got into the act.  I managed to get one.  We were having a blast trying to sneak up on them.  I don’t know if they can feel or see you coming but they usually scoot off to deeper water just as you get within a couple of feet.

All kinds of arts and crafts projects are being completed as we wind down the session.  There’s not a day goes by that I don’t see a new creation.  Pottery has glazed all their pots and creations and the kiln will be fired tomorrow morning to finish up the final pieces.  Pottery takes some of their leftover clay and they cover themselves with the slip and it’s like having people from a different age running around camp – very primitive looking.  Then they all go swimming in the lake and everything comes off.  I’m sure that people pay big bucks to cover themselves in clay as a cosmetic remedy.  We do it for fun and to swim.  Tomorrow will be signups in the morning as all of our Discovery Activities ended today.  Tomorrow afternoon will be pillowcase day for all of camp when everyone goes to the pool (not all at once mind you).  There is a method to this madness.  Tomorrow evening will be Friendship Campfire and our last one for the session.  We keep things moving right till the end of the session.  I think the three week campers will need a couple of days of rest upon returning home.  We were up a little later tonight and tomorrow is a big day for us all as we wind down from a very active and fun session.  I wish we could keep them all for another week.  Camp does a world of good.  If you’re feeling a little “campsick” and missing your children we understand.  They’ve provided a great deal of joy in our setting.  I read an article the other day that even the President and First Lady are missing their girls who are away at a camp for a month.  I’m sure camp is a better place for them than just hanging out at the White House.  Camp is a safe and supportive environment where children can develop authentic relationships, unplug from technology, connect with nature, and participate in human-powered activities. Camp allows children to relax and enjoy just being kids. There is a camp experience for every child whether they live in the White House or anywhere in America.  Stay tuned!