The Newest Member of the Year Round Team


Greetings to our extended GV family and friends,

2019 has arrived and we are so excited to have summer just around the corner. Maggie has been hiring amazing staff to work as counselors, program leaders, adventure counselors, leadership, and support staff! Shelley has been enrolling campers and sending out information and emails to our camper families to help them get ready for the summer. We strive to partner with our families by trying to provide the information that is so important as they help make sure the campers and parents have the necessary tools they all need to have a successful time while their children are with us at camp. Meanwhile Kevin has been taking note of our adventure programs and making sure we have the right equipment, going over our programs, and thinking of new ideas for the future.

While all of this is vital to the success of camp, we have been noticing a role in our year round team that we haven’t had in over seven years. This was not an easy position to fill, though we are proud to say, we have finally found the perfect staff member to take the spot. I am excited to introduce the newest member of our year round team, Nala!

Though Nala is new to our team, and has much to learn, we are sure she will do a great job. She was born October 21, 2018 in South Carolina. She has a love of learning, though her attention span isn’t the greatest, yet. While physical looks aren’t important, she’s got a face anyone would be excited to see. She has a gift of cheering someone up, and we believe she is going to help any child or staff member if they’re struggling with homesickness.

Welcome Nala!