The Last Full Day of C1


Dear Families, Friends, and Loved Ones,

It’s a wrap on another day here at Gwynn Valley, and what a full day it’s been. Today is the last full day of C1 so we had a wide variety of things happening around camp. It was a normal morning with sign-ups for both our C and C1 campers. We had pendant making at blacksmith, Stand Up Paddle Boards at the lake, hemlock tree climbing behind the Office, and fishing and johnny cakes at the mill, to name a few. This isn’t to mention the fact that we had our Main Camp Adventure Trips that went out. These MCATs are trips that our campers are invited to join based on what the program leaders and our leadership team have observed in the various discoveries of biking, climbing, kayaking, and camping skills. These campers left this morning directly after breakfast to go to some of the local areas where they could practice the skills and knowledge they’ve accumulated over the 6 days of discoveries. 

Meanwhile on camp, some areas were visited by three very important visitors. These visitors are videographers who have been at camp for four days interviewing some of the campers, several of the staff, and our directors in addition to visiting most of our activity areas. They are gathering material for a series of new videos that will come out this fall, but we will post with a set release date when that happens. 

Following a full morning of activities, most everyone sat down to a delicious meal of sesame chicken with rice, salad, and fruit. A couple of our C cabins took today to have some cabin bonding time by having a picnic lunch around camp. After lunch our campers moved out to the basketball court to shuck some delicious corn before singing in the lodge. It was after singing that Ami, our amazing programmer, dismissed our C1 cabins to begin the task of packing their bags for tomorrow. From here, we did something a little different, we moved our C cabins out underneath the hemlocks for our afternoon sign-ups. This minor change in setting gave a nice burst of life to an otherwise constant at Gwynn Valley. 

During our afternoon, our C cabins were able to choose from activities like biking and bugs, horseback riding, making popcorn at the mill, and kumihimos. While all of this was happening our C1 cabins finished backing and went to the pool with their pillowcases for pillowcase day. For those of you who don’t know, pillowcase day is a tradition here at GV where campers will go with their cabin group and go to the pool with a pillowcase. So then where do the pillowcases come into play? Well campers soak their pillowcases and fill them with air and use them as floatation devices. It is always such a blast and the campers love it. In the wise words of Grant Bullard, we are fostering the simple joys of childhood. 

After such an active afternoon at the pool, and various other activities, it was a welcome sight of homemade pizza, salad and corn from the farm, and fresh fruit, with a delicious dessert of Chef Megan’s brownies. But what truly made the night was campfire. Campfire was the musical that our fine arts discovery groups have been working on since the beginning of the session, and boy could you tell. The story was similar to Peter Pan with a captain of a crew of cats, mermaids, and an ending where you weren’t quite sure if it was true. The cast, stage crew, costume artists, and staff who helped all got such a round of applause it was clear to those who were cleaning the kitchen that the play was a huge success! 

Though we are sad to see our C1 campers go home tomorrow we know it’s not goodbye but see you next summer. We will see the parents and friends of our C1 campers tomorrow morning at 9:30 and hope you stay for gathering in the cabin at 10:30. For our C families, there is so much more coming, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog!