The Fun Doesn’t Stop Even in the Rain!


Wow and the fun doesn’t stop even in the rain!  Yes, it was a very rainy day today but fortunately, we were still able to climb, bike, and play with our raincoats on and soggy feet. The sun came out at dinner so that we could enjoy After Supper Activities and Evening Program. We have several cabins that cooked dinner over a fire under shelters, followed by s’mores and campouts.

Mountainside participated in their second day of mini adventures and although rainy, did some paddling, climbing at the wall, hiking, biking, and earth skills. Today was another excellent day here at camp and I spent the morning watching Mountainside and Main Camp at the climbing wall and then moving on to Mountain Biking. From there I made a whirlwind tour of the pool, horses. archery, and just a glimpse of pottery.  Everywhere I went there were teachers teaching and doing a great job.  Our staff shares a lot of information each day.  I often hear from staff that children ask a lot of questions.  This is a good thing.  Staff learn to not go too slowly and bore them with details and let them figure some things out on their own unless it has to do with safety.  Sometimes when things slow too much campers get fidgety and entertain themselves.  And then there are times when details are very important and teaching is progressive in nature.  We all learn differently and we have to throw out a big net to make sure we’re getting on everyone’s wavelength. Teaching is a gift and at camp we’re working toward betterment of our teaching techniques and the way we impart information to children.  You know pretty quickly if you’ve peaked their interest.  It’s a good feeling when you know you’ve hit the target.

There are so many chances for human interaction at camp and no screens.  For most of us, including children, this year has been full of screen time with virtual learning, zoom gatherings, and social time on screens.  As a soccer coach many years ago, I told my teams that soccer is a game of many touches.  You have many chances to make contact with the ball.  Camp is analogous to soccer because you have so many chances to build relationships while here.  These small steps of independence, gaining skills, confidence, resilience and even leadership grow into bigger stepping stones as we grow older.  Spending time with talented staff members rubs off on children and they emulate a lot of what is passed down.  You as parents see that every day as your children become like you in so many ways.

Evening program consisted of cabin skits by the C session campers and our C1 campers learned about the Tajar, did some singing with Debbie, and enjoyed roasting marshmallows on the Pavilion. They are all settling in now and waiting to hear the serenaders come sing to each cabin before they drift off to sleep after a full day.