The First Full Day of D


Dear Parents, Family, and Friends,

Today was the first full day of D session, and what a full day it was. Campers started off the day with delicious and filling breakfast of homemade whole wheat biscuits, pit ham, sliced cheese, fresh local peaches, and homemade peach jam. This gave everyone energy for their first day of discoveries. For those who don’t know, discoveries are four activities which campers will do every morning while they are here at camp. These activities were chosen yesterday afternoon and are focused on a progression of skills, whether that’s making a rug in weaving, canoeing with Grant, writing and practicing for the play, or climbing, there’s something for everyone. 

After a full morning of 2 of their 4 discoveries, campers and counselors went down to the dining hall to find out which table they will sit at for the first week. These table assignments are a mix of boys and girls, along with the various ages of campers, and staff program work areas. By having this mix campers are able to meet a variety of people in camp. And while the community of people we sit with makes the food a meal, the food is equally important. We had chicken gyros, yellow rice, sauteed veggies from our farm, and fresh fruit. Following lunch everyone headed out to the basketball court to shuck some corn. We grow, harvest, shuck, and eat thousands of ears of corn each year. Everyone was encouraged to shuck four ears each before they headed into the Lodge for some singing and afternoon sign-ups. 

With such a busy morning, the extended rest hour due to our Thor Guard Lightning detector gave campers extra time to recharge their energy supply for their afternoon activities. Once Thor gave the all clear some campers went to horseback riding, others to biking, and more to climbing just to name a few. It was such fun seeing campers zoom by on their bikes, riding on the various trails we have on property, or take aim at an eight inch target at the archery range. It always astounds me at how quickly children can be absorbed in a task and the amount of focus they can put into a project or activity that an adult may decide isn’t worth the energy, time, or focus. 

During After Supper Activities, Thor went off again, which sent Hillsiders back to the dining hall and the Brookesiders to the Lodge. In the Dining Hall our Hillside Head Counselor, Daniel, read out a few stories from the Tajar Tales with the help of various counselors to act out what was happening. It was so fun watching the counselors pretend to be mattresses or Mr. Camp Director scolding the Tajar had pulled some mischief, and even better, to listen to the campers laugh at seeing their counselors make the stories come to life. Over in the Lodge, our Brookesiders got to Mountain Dance. For those of you who don’t know, mountain dancing is similar to square dancing. 

While all of this was going on, several cabins were on their campouts. All cabins will campout one night while they are here and this opportunity gives cabins the time to bond with each other over the dinner they will cook over an open fire, and s’mores. The light rain we did have during this time hardly had an impact on these cabins, as most were already done eating their fill, and for the one cabin who hadn’t yet gotten their fire started, headed back to the Pavillion to cook their dinner. 

After such a fun day with many firsts, campers were ready to head back to their cabins for some much deserved and needed sleep. While I sit here, I can’t help but appreciate everything camp has to offer, both for our campers and for our staff. Outside of camp, the rain and lightning may cause one to head inside and turn on a TV or perhaps it has no effect on you because you were already watching a movie, but at camp, the day carries on. And in the event where activities are put on hold or extended, campers are then able to bond with each other, make friends, play games, and enjoy the simple joys of childhood. Stay tuned tomorrow for another blog!