Tajar’s Birthday

Dear Parents & Friends,

It’s the Tajar’s Birthday today which calls for celebrations.  We awoke to little bit of Tajar Folly this morning with dining room tables on the front porch and inner tubes on the roof.  That Tajar always gets a bit excited just before his birthday.  Tu-bing or not Tu-bing, that is the question.  Yes, Tubing was an early morning activity this AM and Blue Ridge was first on the mighty French Broad this morning.  It’s a “lazy river” float back to camp and Hunt Farm property with a short walk back to camp.  We always take a raft with us and of course all the necessary implements of river tripping.  The BR crew even saw a Green Heron which they caught a pic or two of.

Cabin photos were the next order of the day which you will see on the web and come January your camper will get a copy of their cabin photo.  Mountainside and Riverside also returned today in time for the Tajar Ball.  They all had a great time and I’m looking forward to seeing their skits at tomorrow night’s campfire.  They will have their traditional MS Banquet tomorrow evening.  It’s good to have everyone back home.  Of course other groups will be going out of camp tomorrow.  We have three trips out in the AM.  Main Camp Kayakers are heading to the French Broad for a little whitewater, mountain bikers are heading to Dupont State Forest and hikers are taking on Daniel Ridge Trail and its great swimming holes on their hike.  It should be a good weather day and a bit cooler tomorrow.

Most of the other pics you will see from today center around the Tajar Ball with characters from across the spectrum of characters.  The Jamaican Bob Sled Team, Elvis, Jack Sparrow, Hippies, Vampires, staff dressed as campers, campers dressed as staff, magicians, scarecrows, ducks, fairies, Robin Hood, River Rats, Rock Jocks, and the cast from the Lion King just to name a few were all there.  Tajar Ball even without the ice cream and the hayrides is a blast but of course no evening is complete without the Great Arabeeski’s (Faux) Magic Show.  Imagine the most phony and unbelievable show at the same time and you’ve got it.  Tele-transporting campers from one trash can to another, levitating while lying flat, flying handkerchiefs, disappearing counselors and chickens and that’s the tip of ice berg complete with a lot of one liners.  What child old or young can resist slapstick humor on stage put on by a couple of goofy adults winking their way through trick after trick.  Thanks to RB and Mac for a great show.

I seem to always go back to this theme of the “simple joys” that make children laugh belly laughs and make adults cry with laughter.  It doesn’t take much to achieve this at camp.  I wish a lot of our world was like camp.  It would certainly be a better place.  We smile a lot here because we have so many great kids here.  It’s not a perfect world but it’s darn close and I only wish it could last longer.  Sometimes we all feel like Peter Pan in that child’s world of never wanting it to end and have to grow up.  Camp is that kind of magic and hard to put into words.  When your child returns home, I hope you will get a glimsp of what we have here in our child’s world.  We’ve had a great session and tomorrow is another day of opportunity.  Stay tuned!