Tajar Times and More!

Dear Parents & Friends,

Thought we might start off the day with a sample of the Tajar Times.  I’ll be back later tonight to provide more and hopefully video on the river from Riverside on Wed.  Enjoy!


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PM Update – It was a special night on Mountainside as adventure groups were announced this evening.  Anne and I were up there to hear the results and we were there to help host Brookside campers on a visit to Mountainside to check it out.  While MS staff were going over the campers choices the Mountainsider’s entertained the Brook campers with songs, answered questions and talked about their experiences.  MSer’s start packing for their adventures tomorrow and will be leaving first thing on Monday morning for several days of fun and adventure.

We had more afternoon showers today but nothing to amount to much.  There are about 6 cabins on campouts tonight and all will have calm clear weather this evening.  The wood was a bit wet but everyone was able to get a fire going to cook dinner.  Those left in camp feasted on burgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings.

Last night we had twilight play which is an extended after supper time for activities.  It’s a cool temp wise part of the day after dinner and many activities are open just like during the day.  There are hikes, sports, several arts and crafts activities and swimming and boating are up there as well.  It’s a night when we don’t have campfire and the campers go from dinner to about an hour and a half of play time and then off to bed.  Campers really need this extended time because camp is so scheduled and it allows them to do any activity and relax doing it at the end of day.  It’s kind of like getting home from work and going for a run or bike ride to wind down.  I went around to various after supper activities tonight to visit with campers and staff and enjoyed seeing children running, jumping and generally have a great time doing a variety of activities.  There was wading in the creek, soccer, games on the Green, wrestle with you counselor (not an organized activity but none-the-less fun), story-telling, mulky on the volleyball court, knockout on the b-ball court and bracelets on the Wall next to the Green.  When we have campfire in the evening as we did tonight, campers usually play for about 45 minutes after dinner and go straight to campfire.  Hillside danced with Winnie tonight while the Brook visited Mountainside.  As campfire ended I came into the Lodge and the campers were winding down listening to a story.  One little girl had perched herself in the doorway to the Lodge as the evening was in full force.  A trace of light still shone on the green and I asked her what she was doing.  She said, “I’m just watching the fireflies. You don’t see many of them where I live and I really love watching them this time of night”.  I suppose it’s just a case of those simple joys we always speak of here at Gwynn Valley.  Stay tuned and enjoy the video below.  Filmed on Wed. with Riverside on Section #9 of the French Broad.  This rapid is called Big Pillow!