Tajar Tales with Daniel and Lauren

Today we are sharing two Tajar Tales read to you by our friends Lauren and Daniel who have worked at Gwynn Valley for many years and grew up as campers here before that. You might recognize them as the 2019 Head Counselors of Hillside and Brookside.

For those who haven’t met the Tajar, well he’s a little hard to pin down…. “The Tajar looks a little something like a tiger and something like a jaguar and something like a badger, but he is different from all those animals. The Tajar is a very nice fellow. He is always willing to listen to a story or help carry firewood or do anything you ask. But every now and then something strange happens. When the moon is just right and the wind blows very slightly through the trees, the Tajar can become full of folly!”

These stories were written by Rick Brown, who worked at Gwynn Valley for many years, and they’re published in a book of stories in conjunction with the American Camp Association. This collection of stories is called The Tajar Tales!