Tajar Folly, Boys and Time!

Parents and Friends,

Tajar Folly greeted us this morning as we all came down to breakfast.  The Tajar had been up to no good and taken everything from teacups to boats and put them in the oddest places.  I suppose he had too much fun at his birthday celebration last night.  I didn’t have time and space to tell you about the Tajar Ball last night, but it’s always a lot of fun.  Everyone comes to the Ball in costume and we have dinner and then the whole camp assembles on the soccer field and surrounding area for games and fun plus lots of food.  There’s everything from the penny drop, face painting, boat races, tin can knockdown, strongman bell ring, soccer shootout, fortune telling, toilet toss, minute challenges, frisbee toss, guess the M&M’s, and a dunking booth which gets a lot of action and more.  A lot of staff were “dunked” including yours truly.  It’s as you might guess, a large tank filled with water with a plexi-glass front.  You’re in the water before you can say much or harass the throwers.  It’s fun for the children as well as the adults.

It was a late night last night and everyone was a little bleary eyed this morning but not so much that we couldn’t get our bikers back out again to Dupont.  The group that went out today was a bit more advanced than yesterday’s group and challenged themselves on some different trails.  One of my favorites is called Ridge Line which is mostly a rolling downhill that twists and turns through a beautiful pine and deciduous forest.  Combine that with Hilltop, Locust and Isaac Heath and you’ve got a great trip.  All came home super pumped and excited about their time in the saddle.  Actually there’s not that much saddle time if you riding in the attack position which we teach early on to the campers.

Living in ACC country, basketball is king (even though the ACC is not what it used to be).  There was some audacious basketball going down at camp this morning.  We’ve got some great little athletes who get into some sort of game each day.  I was watching a soccer game the other afternoon and we have some amazing little soccer players of very young ages.  Most larger towns and cities have travel teams and the caliber of soccer has never been higher.  Lacrosse is another game that I love to watch and we have a few kids who like to toss it around while at camp.  While our focus is not so much on team sports, I love to see campers really get into a good game of soccer, basketball, ultimate or even touch football.  All of these are easy to play at camp and we also entertain fat bat baseball, kickball, volleyball and nukem.

I went down to the farm this afternoon and spent some time there checking in on our animals and campers taking care of animals.  Mama goat was being milked by many campers, and the baby chicks were getting a lot of attention.  The campers took it a step backwards and also gathered future chicks in the form of eggs.  They picked about 38 pounds of green peppers and squash and fed the baby calves which aren’t so much babies these days.  Normally you would wean a calf in about 6 to 8 weeks but these have been on GV bottles for quite some time.  It’s good ole fashioned nurturing by the campers.  Our cows are the luckiest cows on the planet.

We do our best to promote what you’re doing at home at meal times with stressing good manners at the table.  I’ve got these two young boys at my table and it goes without saying that I really love them because they are all boy.  We had French Toast for breakfast this morning and we were starting to run out at the table and it was near the end of the meal.  They both had been putting away their fare share and more, so I asked if anyone wanted the last piece.  One hand shot up just a bit faster than the other so I gave the last piece to one lad and the other looked very disappointed.  Their names will remain anonymous.  The one who got the last piece volunteered to go get more and I said great and was getting ready to hand him the platter to get a refill.  The young man who didn’t get the last piece was eying his friend’s lone piece of French Toast lying on his plate and his buddy saw him eying the “last piece”.  For insurance purposes, he stabbed it with his fork, looked at his friend and said, “just in case there’s no more up there and you might be tempted to eat mine”, he licked the length of the “last piece” to assure it was still there when he got back.  I almost died from laughter but held it back saying it probably wasn’t necessary to lick the toast in order to keep it safe from marauding friends.  It’s a guy thing and is played over and over in so many ways in our male world.   There was in fact more French Toast so everyone was happy in the end.

In our child’s world this kind of “stuff” keeps us going.  Here’s another piece that came across my desk this morning.  Love the thought in this and yes it’s busy here and sometimes there’s not enough time in the day.  Stay tuned!

Time is precious at camp!

Time is precious at camp!