Tajar Ball

Dear Parents & Friends,

Tonight we celebrated the Tajar’s Birthday with a cookout, games, hayrides and of course everyone in costume.  We all just left the Lodge from an evening of magic and a short play written by the campers about Merlin and his children who run into a heap of trouble as they travel throughout the land dispelling the evil forces of the dark side.  Of course in conclusion, a happy ending.  No Tajar Ball is complete without ice cream and all the trimmings.  The Tajar left us with a good bit of folly the night before by parking vehicles on the b-ball court, leaving kayak paddles all over the Green and generally just creating mischief throughout camp.  It’s a good thing he’s such a loveable creature, otherwise Mr. Camp Director would have to banish him from camp.

For those of you that read last night’s blog, I mentioned the bike trip from yesterday.  Pics are up tonight and just wanted to let you know that the young man with the red face was painted that way for UK day and he wore it all day. We met some folks on the trail that thought he was suffering from heat exhaustion or over exertion.

On this hot day several of the horses got a bath today which I’m sure felt good to them.  I can’t say enough things about our good horses at camp, ridden many times each day and by so many different people.  They are special creatures.  Hat’s off to the SIT’s who work at the stables and lead horses each day.  Now that’s a group that deserves recognition and lots of it.  They work very hard in the kitchen and in the stables every day.  Hopefully many of these young people will come back one day as staff.  This group of SIT’s are exceptional and thank them for all the work they do.

Some beautiful scarves were being made today in Arts & Crafts and I’ve seen quite a few of the campers wearing them around camp.  A&C’s is a highly underrated activity and many wonderful items come from our Arts Arena each day which includes the pottery shop.

Mountainside & Riverside returned from adventures today.  Everyone had stories to tell and I can’t wait to hear more tomorrow.   The Pioneers hiked twelve miles on their overnight camping trip up into Pisgah National Forest.  Climbers got rained out in Linville Gorge but they got two full days of climbing in at Rumbling Bald just east of Brevard.  The Bikers did some big mileage at Dupont and rode some trails that really surprised me during their 4 days there.  The paddlers spent a day on the Green, a day at the Camp Cup on the Nanty, and the last day on the Tuckasigee.  The Main Camp climbers are headed out to Looking Glass tomorrow, the Kayakers to the Green River and another group of bikers up into Pisgah.

End of the session is near and I hate to see this group of campers leave from C/C-2.  We’ve had a great session and created lots of good memories.  We hope to share more stories of camp with you tomorrow as our last full day of C/C-2 comes around.  Stay tuned!