Tajar Ball and MS and RS Return!

Dear Parents and Friends,

The Tajar was in all his glory today as we awoke to major Tajar Folly.  Cars were in wild places, cups were hanging from crazy objects, boats and inner tubes were scattered on the Green.  He must have been up all night dancing in the moonlight and making mischief.  Today’s activities were as varied as the weather has been but heaps more fun.  The creek hikers took off early this morning to hike our fabulous Carson Creek.  You feel as if you’re in the very depths of Pisgah National Forest when you on the creek.  There are so many cool places to dunk your head, swim across a pool of deep cold water, and climb alongside the creek on the way to the falls.  It’s a great way to explore the creek and it’s run to the French Broad.

The creek makes its music and so do we at camp.  We sing just after lunch each day and most evenings at campfire.  Debbie is always at the piano to lead and teach us a new song.  There’s also a lot of singing before we go into meals.  And let’s not leave out the serenaders who come around each night to say it’s time for bed with music.  This is a custom that’s been going on for a long time at camp and continues to be a camp favorite.  Another camp favorite is Thunderball, which is played throughout the day at camp.  I learned about the game many years ago at a conference and we came back that winter and built a court.  You can accommodate almost any number of folks and the rules are simple, kind of like dodge ball, but  you can’t throw the ball.  You have to use the palm or fist of your hand to aim it at someone.  If it hits them below the knee they are out and if above the knee you are out, or if you hit the ball over the wall you’re out.  It’s a fast paced, good game for camp.  And we don’t play until there is just one person who wins.  We play three winners at the end.

Mountainside and Riverside both came home today from their adventures.  I actually was with the Mountainside paddlers today as they tackled the lower Green.  They did a great job and we had the perfect day on the river.  The bikers, climbers and pioneers all had great trips as well.  Coming home today in the van they talked and talked about every subject under the sun and lot about taking showers when they got back.  Riverside spent 4 days hiking on the Appalachian Trail and wanted to hike some more.  They were all dressed in counselor designed T-shirts tonight at Tajar Ball and are a very tight group.

Tajar Ball was almost upended by a hailstorm that came through camp just as everyone got home.  We had to hold dinner in the dining room because of the rain.  We usually have it outdoors picnic style with your cabin.  The actual “Ball” was outside and was so much fun.  There were all kinds of booths and fun things to do and eat.  Children love the “unstructured play” aspect of it all.  All our staff are there and everyone is contained on the soccer field with about 12 different activity booths to try.  There’s also dessert (ice cream and cookies both homemade) served throughout the evening.  After the Ball we all came into the Lodge for the Play presented by the GV thespians.  It was written by the campers and about the Tajar and freeing the campers from the evil clutches of a Gollum type figure who used to be a camper.  This Gollum was much prettier and just needed to have the spell broken and only the simple joys of GV and the Tajar could do that.

More outdoor trips out tomorrow, biking, kayaking, and climbing, all for Main Camp.  Stay tuned for the trip news and all the scoop of Main Camp for our last day of Session B.