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How to Deal with Pre-Camp Jitters: Anxiety & Excitement as Two Sides of the Same Coin

Feeling anxious?  Instead of trying to calm down, try renaming the feeling as excitement.  These two emotions actually feel the same physiologically, your heart beats fast and cortisol surges.  The difference lies in how we conceptualize that feeling.  Both feelings indicate that uncertainty lies ahead: excitement indicates it’s something to look forward to, while anxiety indicates it’s something to be feared.  When we do anything for […]


Summer Camp and Children’s Mental Health

Dear Parents and Friends, On Friday I will be attending a workshop on Mental Health for Camp Leaders. The North Carolina Youth Camp Association is sponsoring this event by bringing in two speakers that will discuss these issues with camp owners and directors.  This is a topic that has received a fair amount of attention […]


Your Child on Nature!

  Dear Parents & Friends, Sorry for not posting a blog yesterday.  I was on a day off and frankly you can pretty much guess what transpires each day when you view the pictures.  There was a short storm last night just after dinner and much of our internet went down for a good and […]