Sunny Day Sweepin’ the Clouds Away…..

Dear Parents & Friends,

Sesame Street came to life today at camp as we celebrated a very “Special Day” with visits from Big Bird, Elmo, the Cookie Monster, and Oscar. After a little bit of a sleep in and breakfast, activities started with cabin groups traveling to the different Sesame Street activities which included Bert and Ernie’s Bubble Bath at the pool, Cookie Monster Craze, Oscar the Grouch needs a cleaning on the soccer field, Snuffleupagus Story Telling, the Count’s Kayak Attack on the lake, The Search for Elmo’s World, Big Bird’s Big Bird Masks, and Super Grover’s Obstacle Course on the Green. There was lots of fun, swimming, laughter, and sunshine. We took a break for lunch, sang in the lodge, had a relaxing rest hour and began the afternoon by visiting more stations and activities.

Mountainside spent the morning preparing and packing for adventures and are very excited to head out either on their biking, climbing, pioneering, or paddling three day adventure. Excitement was in the air up on the Mountain as packs and dry bags were being filled with necessary camping gear.

Riverside left this morning after breakfast for their four day backpacking trip headed for Tennessee and Roan Mountain. They will hike part of the Appalachian Trail and cross the beautiful grassy balds in that area.  Michael, the boys counselor hiked the entire AT several years ago and completed the Pacific Trail last year so they have a very experienced hiker leading them.  He’s an expert on going light so I’m sure he’ll be able to help load lightening.

After dinner, we enjoyed a little cabin time and took many cabin photos, which you will see and get one via mail sometime in the new year.   The evening brought both Main Camp and Mountainside together in the lodge for a beautiful Sunday Service. The theme was God’s Wonders and many campers and cabin groups shared songs, music and a skit.

At this hour and as children are snug in their beds, part of our staff come to the dining room for staff rec.  Cabins are all covered with one counselor staying back with the kids and the other coming for a relaxing hour with food and fellowship and then they flip flop.  A day like today is a long day and counselors deserve and need a perk like this on Sunday evenings.  With summer well underway we’re hearing the cicadas in the evening and it’s a song of the wood.  We’ve only got 4 full days left in our session and we’ll be seeing you on Friday.  It’s going to be a busy week.  With Mountainside and Riverside out, we’ll also be adding some main camp trips for climbing, paddling, and biking. Stay tuned!


PS  If you missed a blog last night, it was because Mr. and Mrs. Camp Director had an evening off.