Sun, Shade & Water = Fun!

Another great day here at camp started a little cloudy but the sun broke through early afternoon.  Even when it’s hot outside we seem to have a great deal of shade to cancel out the heat.  I would say about 90% of our trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding are shaded.  It’s a great piece of property with lots of water to help cool things down as well.  Activities for B day of Discovery this morning, came off without a hitch and campers had a chance to take their other two morning activities. Mountainside continued their day participating in two more of their mini adventures and decided tonight which adventure they will tackle.  Today concluded their four minis and they have all tried mountain biking, pioneering, climbing, and canoeing. They looked great out on the lake learning their pry and draw strokes, learning to paddle tandem and practicing their teamwork. I went up to their campfire a couple of nights ago which is right next to Carson Creek.  The Mountainside Cove is a great spot to live and play in as you will see. Riverside is having good weather at Foster Falls on their second day of rock climbing.

The WaterMat !

Another third of Main Camp camped out tonight and fixed dinner over an open fire.  It was the perfect night for sleeping under the stars with no rain and lots of dry wood to collect in the forest.  Actually the campers and staff sleep in shelters that are three sided platforms up off the ground. It can be difficult to get a fire going when it’s been raining but I’m sure they all had a roaring fire in no time.  Good food served outdoors and topped off with smores ends the perfect evening for some who are may be going on their first camp-out.  When we camp out a camp we smell of wood smoke and smores.  Black smudges on small faces spell good things around the fire and an evening of camaraderie with one’s cabin mates.  Showers are a welcome way to enter the land of camp civilization again.

For the past couple of days our WaterMat on the Lake has been a popular activity.  We’ve had 2 of these previously and this is our third and most durable.  They are so much fun and you can get as many as 15 or 20 small folks on it at once.  Everyone wears a PFD (personal floatation device) and it’s quite fun to run the length and perform your best jump into the lake.  It builds confidence for those who have never been in deep water on a lake.  When one can’t see the bottom it can be a little intimidating.  The WaterMat is like a floating island sanctuary for those needing that safe place above the fishes and turtles.

Our wonderful days give way again to the cool of evening and we topped off the evening with Mountain Dancing in the Lodge.  Debbie played the piano and I called the dances as she played.  We danced the Bluebird Dance, Virginia Reel, Sasha (a Russian Folkdance) and Going to Kentucky.  There was a lot of laughter and fun had by everyone. It’s a full day here at camp and my guess would be if our campers were puppies, they would just sleep in a big pile in the middle of the cabin floor.  We’ve all been there and it’s such a good feeling to sleep that well.  Rest and good food is the cure for almost anything.  Top that off with fun programs and you’ve created the perfect recipe.  We hope you have pleasant dreams whether you’re home or afar.   Stay tuned!