Schedule a Tour

We will not be offering tours during the summer in 2021. We are happy to give tours starting August 9, 2021! Please give us a call: 828-885-2900

Please call ahead to schedule a tour and we are happy to show you around camp. Tours usually average about an hour, but we can lengthen or shorten that depending on what you’d like to see and answer any questions you may have.


Although camp will look different with no one here and maybe no leaves on all our beautiful trees, we love to give tours of camp.  We will show you several cabins, visit the nearest shower house, and introduce you to many of the activity areas in camp that are used by your age group.  You’ll enjoy seeing our community buildings like the Dining Room, Pavilion, and Lodge.  Your tour will cross over Carson Creek creek several times, which runs the entire length of camp and is a wonderful creek for exploration.  Best of all we’ll be able answer any and all questions about camp life and what a summer feels like here at Gwynn Valley.  Visiting camp will help to ease and alleviate anxiety for campers and parents.  A pre-visit to camp always helps on opening day because it gives your camper a sense of familiarity and you can say, “I’ve been here and I’m excited to start my camp experience”.  That’s a good feeling to have.  

Visiting Camp Before Attendance

If your child has never been to Gwynn Valley, a visit prior to attendance can be helpful in his/her adjustment to camp. Some apprehensions can be dispelled by seeing first-hand what the cabins, dining room, showers, and bathrooms look like. On Opening Day, your child will be coming back to a more familiar place. You are welcome to visit anytime, just Schedule a Tour.


Tour camp in the summer

The best times to tour in the summer are between 10:15 am and 12:15 pm, or in the afternoon between 3:30 pm and 5:45 pm. These times are when you can see campers in action while in program areas. We typically do not give tours on Opening and Closing Days.


Tour camp in the off-season

If you can’t make it on a weekday, we are happy to arrange a tour on the weekend. Just call ahead to make sure someone is available.


Open House

Each year we typically hold an open house for new campers and their families. Due to COVID, we will not be hosting this event as it is a large group. We are happy to give individual tours to all campers and families before the start of camp. Please call our office (828-885-2900) to arrange a date and time when you would like to schedule a tour. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM. We can’t wait to hear from you!

“Gwynn Valley has been such a HUGE part of Isaac’s development; helping him shape his values, grow stronger in community involvement, work as a team member and develop more personal responsibility.”