International Staff

About a third of our staff are international.

Every summer we have 12-15 countries represented in our camp community.  Our international staff are a great resource for learning about other cultures and their customs, and adding to our overall diversity at camp.

Each week at Gwynn Valley we celebrate our global diversity with a different International Day. On these days, we celebrate a single country or a group of countries represented at GV that summer by campers and staff. Sometimes the whole day revolves around a single country, but if we have only one staff member from a country, we might combine 2 or 3 countries to share the day. On International Days we will have meals from that country, perform skits about the history or culture from there, and host fun events around meal times and during evening program to help our community learn more about what it means to be from that country. In recent years, we have had staff from Poland, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and many more!

International staff at Gwynn Valley are part of the J-1 cultural exchange visa program and must work with a visa agency in order to be sponsored for their time in the US. Our partner agencies are Camp AmericaCamp Leaders/Smaller Earth, IENA, and Interexchange (IEP).

International Days at Camp

After Gwynn Valley, I had the confidence to build that type of learning environment for myself in other places. I consider every moment at camp a gift.