Special Day!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Today was Special Day at camp which we celebrate each Sunday when we’re in session.  It usually revolves around a theme and this week’s theme was The World Cup.  More on the actual games later.  Every cabin represented a team and went around camp doing various activities that focused on the game of soccer.  As you can see our camp photographer was on a day off so we didn’t get as many pictures as we usually do.  I spent the morning getting Riverside to their destination up on the Blue Ridge Parkway where they’ll be hiking various trails into Pisgah and will be returning on Wed. evening.  They had a sunny start to their morning but some rain settled in later in the day so I’m sure they hiked through the dampness.  They are a hearty bunch and will do well on this trip.  We look forward to their return.

Mountainside heads out tomorrow on their various adventures and it should be a good day for them.  They came to Sunday Service Campfire last night and were an inspiration to our younger Main Camp campers as they sat quietly in the back and showed lots of maturity with their presence.  I held a short meeting with them after campfire and then they went down to the lake for their traditional Mountainside send off.  Our Sunday Service theme was God’s Green Earth and we had skits, readings and songs that campers performed this evening.  Jake from Sunrise wrote a song that everyone sang at the end of our program.  Great composing Jake!

At the end of the day today we held our own World Cup game on the soccer.  I haven’t heard such cheering in a while at Gwynn Valley.  Everyone was involved in some way or the other and the only thing we lacked was a stadium GV style to put everyone in.  I think everyone is disappointed that the US is out of the World Cup.  Yesterday England was eliminated as well.  Traditionally we hold staff rec on Sunday night.  It’s a time when our staff come together between 9:30-11:30 to have food and socialize.  It’s a deserved break for these folks after a busy week and full day.  I had taped the England / Germany game and we watched much to the disappointment of our English staff.  Nina, however, who is from Germany loved the outcome.  The goal that went in that didn’t count was a heartbreak for our lads and lasses.

The World Cup is more than a celebration of soccer and athletic skills.  It’s a symbol of the diversity we have on the planet and the spirit in which we can come together and play for the greatest game in the world.  We at GV celebrate our diversity each and every day and appreciate our international contact with many countries while at camp.  Stay tuned!