Special Day is Truly Special!

Dear Parents and Friends,

It was Special Day at GV and it was just that.  We got a little extra sleep in this morning so breakfast was pushed back to 9:00 which meant everyone got an extra 30 minutes before breakfast.   Every little bit helps because camp is so busy.  Breakfast was hot off the griddle pancakes, butter, bacon, fruit, and lots of syrup.  My youngest daughter works in the kitchen and was cooking this morning and she was sure that they fixed well over a thousand pancakes.  We also had a little extra rest hour today which is always great.  Sunday’s are days when our activity leaders have the day off so we plan a camp wide game that everyone participates in.  Today’s theme was “Spy’s Are Among Us”.  So many, in fact that they kidnapped the program leaders from their day off and held them hostage.  It took the entire camp and the Tajar to get them back by this evening.

There was a total of 10 different stations that campers went to during the morning and afternoon with lunch and rest hour in between.  Each station had challenges and some were wetter than others.  It was another great day to get wet and take on many “Spy” challenges.

We had a wonderful dinner of fried rice and chicken with fresh peas, fruit and bread.   We changed table assignments today and one camper who is quite talkative and engaged at the table said, “My parents are both really good cooks and this food has been as good as theirs”. We slowed things down a bit after dinner tonight with our Vespers Service and call it an early evening to get us started on the right track for our last week of camp.  There were some tired campers at Vespers service tonight.  They will get to bed early tonight and it’s a full week ahead. 

It’s been a full week behind us and Sunday’s are always very busy.  Tonight we have our mid session staff gathering to check in with everyone and spend some quality time in getting our staff some time to relax as well.  There’s good food and time and we split camp into two groups so you have enough cabin coverage.  Tomorrow Mountainside leaves for their adventures and our Main camp children will be going off site for biking, paddling and climbing.  Riverside left for their last component of their three weeks here.  They will be hiking on the Foothills Trail just not too far from camp.  It should be a fun and productive week for all of camp.  You might say it will be the icing on the cake. I can’t believe we only have four full days left in the session.  This second week will fly by.    Stay tuned as we launch into our last week of B session!