Special Day is Always Special

Dear Parents & Friends,

A cool evening here at camp that started out hot and muggy.  It was Special Day today here at GV and that means no program, all specialness.  The theme was in fact a “Theme Park”.  The stations were set up so that campers could travel to anything they wanted in an area just large enough to fit into the Green and the Lodge and Waterfront.  The stations were as follows:  Jurassic Park, Haunted Stage (but not too haunted since it’s not GV to do scary things at camp), Horizontal Bungee Jumping, Basketball Shootout, Picture Station, Sling Shot Balloon Shot, Slip and Slide, Titanic / Jaws, Dunk Tank, and Men in Black –Alien Shootout.  The morning was hot and there were lots of activities in the shade and in the water.  We all had a blast.  I especially loved the Titanic and the Horizontal Bungee Jump.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s super camper!

We were scheduled to continue our afternoon and get back together as cabin groups to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your cabin and do something special like a trip to the Rock or ride bikes with your cabin down to the river, or creek hike up to Connestee Falls.  We served lunch outside which was ham, turkey, or chicken salad sandwiches, pasta, potato chips, watermelon and cole slaw.  Just as everyone was about to eat the heavens opened up.  We keep a pretty close eye on the weather here and we thought we would get the storm during rest hour.  We ended up staying in the dining room for quite a while.  Everyone sang songs and when it subsided we all went to our cabins.  Again we consulted the weather map and it started to rain so being spontaneous and always ready to change things up we showed a movie in the Lodge (The Sword and the Stone) and sat out the rain storm.  The afternoon cleared just as the movie ended and we all hustled back to the cabin to get ready for dinner.  Usually after the first week of camp everyone needs a little Sunday rest.  It was actually good timing.  We’ll all start our week stronger.


Is that Woody?


Dinner was BBQ chicken, rice, salad, fresh rolls and bread pudding.  Delicious!!!!  We took some cabin photos and then went to Vespers/Sunday Service after dinner.  Everyone always dresses in white for that and it’s very nice to have a clean white shirt on for just a few hours.  It’s amazing how quickly one can go through clothes at camp especially when there’s all the variety and activity.  It’s been a few years since our children were young and now they do their own laundry at home.  I’m just glad we have a laundry here at camp.  Lots of campers and staff contributed to Vespers tonight.  Rose Bay had 6 different contributors (Mya, Sophie, Jessie, Gwynn, Carly and Gwynn, and Anna).  There were violins, piano, recorder, guitar and an assortment of words and thoughts.

We’ll be putting up some more photos throughout the evening and hope you are enjoying them.  We do our best to get as many children as we can and I know we don’t satisfy each family but we’re trying.  I worked with Riverside again on the lake today and they’re doing great.  We have a group that definitely has some experience paddling.  I hope they can put it to work on the river.  They will be leaving for their paddling component on Tues.

Mountainside chose their adventures tonight and they also put on their own rendition of the Lion King.  I missed it but I’m sure it was spectacular.  They will start their training days on Tues. and will continue on Thurs. and leave for adventures next week.  Things are going well and I gauge this by many conversations I have with campers throughout the day.  One young man at the table from Echo said, “I can’t believe I’m coming for two weeks my first year. Most people come for just 8 days and want to stay for three weeks next year. “  His table mate who is also in on Hillside but older said, “Yeah you’re doing great, I only came for 8 days my first year and it was so much fun that I wanted to come for longer too!”  I guess you just have to be here to see and be in on these conversations.  They are going on all the time and it’s priceless.  Stay tuned!