Special Day- Disney Rules!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Special Day at GV starts with a bit of a sleep in. We have breakfast 30 minutes later and it was needed with the 4th this past Friday. Everyone had stayed up late on Friday night to see fireworks. Our Special Day is one where we don’t run program that day but have stations that the campers go to for pure fun and a little excitement. The theme today was Disney and the stations were as follows: Little Mermaid Water Games at the Pool, Mad Hatters Tea Party in the Lodge, Cinderella’s Scavenger Hunt on the Green, Mickey’s Flying Saucer Extravaganza –Gate House Green, Peter Pan vs Captain Hook on Hook’s Boat on the Lake (every camper walked the plank), Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Across the Lake on a Barrel (hilarious), Attack Scrooge McDuck –corner of the lake (water cannon slingshots), Pocahontas Friendship Bracelets- Yanderside, and Jungle Book RainForest Hike – Hillside Creek. It was a full day of adventure, thrills, spills, fighting pirates and finding delicious treasure.

Campers had half time during lunch today and then a longer than usual rest hour. This was a good time to change your bed sheets as well as take that weekly shower. Just kidding parents, even though we have to twist some arms to get some campers to take showers every other day. I figure that the pool is chlorinated and that certainly helps. We all do wash our hands before meals at the trough at the end of the dining room. This is a ritual we started several years ago after a summer of some unpleasant bugs. We used to wash hands in the cabins before meals and a lot can go in and out of hands between the cabin and the dining room. Now we wash hands and head right in with a good start on sanitation. It’s the little things that make life better at camp.

This afternoon after rest hour we concluded our Disney Day and then got ready for dinner, took cabin photos after dinner and then held our Sunday Service. Everyone in camp was there including Mountainside and Riverside. Various campers and staff added their talents to our Service which had a theme of God in You, God in Me. Traditionally during the service we don’t clap but give the sign language gesture for applause and approval, which is raised hands quaking like aspen leaves. Will from Chestnut Hollow played the theme from “Frozen” and right away you could see all the campers recognize the music, many smiles and enjoyment of this recent movie music. At the end of Will’s performance everyone raised their hands with more enthusiasm than usual and then campers broke out in thunderous applause. In our 17 years of running camp, this has never occurred and it was an exciting moment. Emotions were high and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the “Frozen” music.

Riverside leaves for their paddling adventure tomorrow and we have numerous trips out with Main Camp as mentioned yesterday. Climbers, Kayakers, Hikers, and Mountain Bikers are headed in 4 different directions to squeeze the most out of our forests and trails putting to use the skills they have learned. Mountainside will choose their adventures tomorrow and spend a good portion of their week training for adventures. It’s a great week coming up and I’m sorry to see our 10 day campers finish up their session. Stay tuned for more to come!