Special Day – Carnival!

Dear Parents & Friends,

As you’ve probably seen on the web site, we’re experiencing upload problems with the e-camp software.  For several days it’s been acting up and we were unable to load photos from today.  We’ll keep trying through the evening because we’ve got some great shots from the day.  Today was “special day” at camp and the theme was Carnival.  We awoke a half hour late this morning so breakfast wasn’t until 9:00; a fine hour for sleepy heads.  While many slept, Mountainside and Riverside got off on their adventures.  Riverside is hiking the Appalachian Trail around the Max Patch area toward Hot Springs NC.  Mountainside Bikers are at Dupont State Forest, Climbers at Linville Gorge, Pioneers camping on the banks of the French Broad and backpacking tomorrow in Pisgah, and Paddlers ran the Green today and head to the Nantahala tomorrow.

The Carnival had so many events today it was hard to choose.  There was Surfing the Ladder or the Fidget Ladder, Ring the Bell Strongman, The Human Tractor Pull, Face Painting, Sponge Toss at the Counselors, Guess the M&M’s and Starbursts, Fortune Telling, Soccer/Football Shootout, Coconut Toss, Tin Can Throw, Bingo, Penny Drop, Frisbee Toss, Frisbee Golf and tons of food including, cookies , icy pops, popcorn and lemonade.  Everything was located on the athletic field so campers could move about at their own pace and go to any event they wanted.  There was never a dull moment and everyone had a great time.  One little guy at my table who has been here several years said, “I had so much fun today and I’m so tired”.  That’s the best kind of tired in my mind.

This afternoon we had an extended rest hour and everyone really needed it.  We thought we were going to have to spend the afternoon indoors because of rain and thunder but all the storms gingerly skirted around us with just a bit of rain. The afternoon provided broken sunshine with a chance for the camp to go swimming or play games, whatever their choice.  After dinner many cabin photos were taken which will be sent to campers just after the new year.  Our SIT’s were on a night out so we couldn’t shoot all the cabin photos, but have the whole week to get those cabins that missed tonight.  After dinner we held our Sunday Service in the Lodge and there was a theme of God’s Colors.  Many campers and staff shared thoughts and music and we ended with the sun setting as we walked backed to our Hill and Brook cabins.  What a great day here at camp and what a great camp perched here in the Conesstee Cove of Carson Creek which flows the length of camp.  It’s a magical place and magic happens each and everyday.  One little girl in Shady Grove lost a tooth last night and it was too late to secure the magical silver dollar to place under her pillow so the tooth fairy left a note on her bed that said. “My wand alerted me to the fact that you had lost a tooth.  I’m so happy for you but by the time I got to Gwynn Valley I was all out of coins.  Please be patient and I will visit tonight for sure.  I’ll carry extra for the long trip to camp.”  Magic happens all the time and yes parents, the tooth fairy does come to camp.  Stay tuned!