Special Day C, C-2 – Supersize GV!

Dear Parents & Friends,

What a day at camp.  It was of course “special day” here where we don’t run normal programming and all the activity leaders have the day off.  We just finished our Vespers campfire and the theme was God’s Creation.  That’s a broad topic and as you might expect there were a variety of thoughts, songs, dances and words passed along by campers and staff alike.  Of course we rose about 30 minutes later this morning which is nice and everyone got a bit more rest.  Pancakes and fresh fruit with bacon was on the menu and there is no substitute for pancakes, except maybe French Toast.

The theme of “special day” was Supersize GV- Big Games.  There were 12 games that everyone rotated through.  Aerial Splash, Angry Birds, Battleships on the lake, Chutes and Ladders, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Jenga, Memory, Minecraft, Operation, Pictionary, Sims, and of course Twister.  It was a good day to get wet and there lots of opportunities to do so.  Everyone wore their bathing suits and stayed hydrated in the morning and afternoon.  My personal favorites were Battleships on the Lake, Hungry Hippos and Aerial Splash which two of those allowed the participants to get wet.  You might see pictures that were being loaded today.  As of this writing we have lots of pics but haven’t had time to post them all.  Our photographer was off today along with activity leaders.

Mountainside and Riverside left today and will be out through Wed. evening.  Looking forward to checking in with them and I may join the paddlers on the Nantahala on Wed.  We’ll see if they make it and they’ll have to work hard between now and then to muster the strokes and strut their stuff on the Tuck.  Climbers are in Linville Gorge and Pioneers are hiking on the Art Loeb trail up in Pisgah.  Riverside is out on the AT around Roan Mtn. which is a beautiful place to encounter the north / south AT.

Tonight is staff appreciation night or what we call staff rec.  It’s a chance to socialize and share some really good food.  I’m putting this to bed early so I can be there to honor our staff.  Stay tuned for more news this week!