Special Day at GV!

Dear Parents & Friends,

Another splendid day at GV and time is flying.  It’s hard to believe that everyone arrived just last Sunday.  It was Special Day here at camp as is every Sunday while a session is going on.  Today’s theme was Medieval Times and the Dining Room was under siege this morning by a fierce Dragon.  We were all set up to go through Knight training in the morning to pursue the dreaded beast.  Every station required skill and concentration and was just plain fun.  We had water activities as well as land activities.  The day was meant to be a challenge and it was.  We filled the afternoon with sign-ups centered on our theme of the day.  Besides having great weather we also partook of some great GV food.  Pancakes (including some made with pumpkin) for breakfast; chicken and all the trimmings for lunch; and baked ziti with fresh garlic bread, green beans and salad from the garden with fruit for dinner.  We need a lot of fuel to keep this crew running and hats off to the folks in our kitchen who crank it out every day.

For those parents who have a Riversider here they were in camp today and getting packed up for their next adventure which will be paddling.  I worked with them on the lake early this afternoon before they begin their foray into WNC whitewater.  They will head to the Lower Green tomorrow and will move on to other rivers after that.  Mountainside was participating in another afternoon of sign-ups and played Border Patrol in the morning.  Mountainside chose their adventures today and Josiah, their head counselor has come up with a really fun way for them to learn what adventure they will be on.  Ask your mountainsider about this.  I don’t know all the details but may share them later.  Starting tomorrow,  they will begin their training days in the adventure they have decided on.

It’s been a busy first week with a great deal of action.  We were able to capture a little sleep-in this morning to catch up when the wake up bell went off at 8:30 instead of 8:00.  Tomorrow it’s back on schedule and we’ll have sign-ups in both the morning and the afternoon.   There’s not much down time around here and our camp days go way too fast but we love them all the same.  We just finished our Vespers service in the Lodge and everyone is waiting for the Sandman to visit along with the Serenade Singers to come around.  Vespers is a time when we talk about things that have meaning for us.  We heard counselors and campers perform and of course I always throw in my two cents.  I talked about Buzz Lightyear and his philosophy:

High Self-Worth – a lengthy part of the first movie is Woody trying to convince Buzz that he is not the “real” Buzz Lightyear, but a child toy.  I love a positive attitude.  Buzz has a great can-do attitude and belief in himself.  Focus on what you can do and do it great!  God believes in you and loves you as much as the next person.

Limitless Thinking – “To infinity and beyond!” Now here is a guy who is not bound by what others think. In fact, not only is he going to the end (infinity) he is going beyond. This positive attitude toward whatever challenges he may face is contagious. What is it that might be in the way of your limitless thinking? If you aren’t a Buzz thinker yet, be sure to find one and hope that it is contagious.

Falling With Style – when Buzz is first introduced in the first movie he gets into an argument with Woody over whether or not he can fly. Of course with Buzz’s high self worth and limitless thinking the thought that he can’t fly never enters his mind. He attempts and after many acrobatic flips, jumps and gliding he lands perfectly letting everyone around him know that he can fly. Woody tells him that this wasn’t flying, but merely falling with style. I don’t know if you can fly or not in your present place in life, but I do know the next best thing is falling with style! The only way to know if you can fly or fall with style is to take risk, to get out there and make attempts at something. God wants you to fly and will pick you up when you try and fail.  Ask God for the confidence to try new things and take risks that help you to grow in faith with him.  Falling with God at your wing means falling in style.

As we’ve said in the past, camp is that place where you can try and fail and fall with style.  Stay Tuned!