Special Day and More!

Dear Parents and Friends,

I’ll be brief tonight because it’s been a full day and we have staff rec soon.  We just completed our fireworks display that have been postponed since the 4th.  Everyone had a great time and Team Maintenance did a great job as usual.  Everyone was on one side of the Lake and they shot the fireworks from the other side of the lake and also down in the Gatehouse field.

Our day had some mix of sunshine today and clouds rolling through but no rain.  It threatened a couple of times and little thunder but nothing to keep us from going through with our Sunday Special Day Activities.  Sunday wake-up is always a little bit later and we had PJ’s and Pancakes.  Special Day started just after breakfast with a short break to get proper clothes on for the day.  Captain Hook had stolen the Treasure and it was up to the campers to get it back by completing the challenges and find the clues which eventually lead to the hidden treasure.  There were 10 stations with challenges and some stations had several challenges going on.  There was the Blind String Maze, the Obstacle Course, Thunderball Dome (staff vs campers and campers won), Minute Challenges, Fishing Line Tangle Challenge, Blindfold Scavenger Hunt, Panning for Gold, Rubber Ducky Slingshot (Hungry Hippos), Lake Obstacle Course, and Structure Building Challenge.

It was full day accented by good GV food at meals and a little longer rest hour.  After a full week the later breakfast and longer rest hour was good for many campers and staff alike.  We fit a lot in each day and I think everyone sleeps pretty soundly at the end of the day.

After dinner we took a few cabin photos and then held our Sunday evening Vespers service where “God’s Creation” was the theme.  Many campers sang or performed and several staff wrote some nice things to contribute.  Tomorrow is a new week for our C campers and our C-1 campers will say good bye the next day.  It’s been great week despite the wet conditions.

Riverside leaves on their paddling component tomorrow and will tackle the Lower Green River near Saluda, NC.  Main Camp will have a few trips out tomorrow and we hope to have another great weather day in the process.  It has been a truly “special day” and many thanks to the staff for creating such a wonderful day.  I’m off to staff rec, a time where we honor the work the staff do by providing them some down time along with good food and social time which they deserve.  They come in two shifts so that there’s always a counselor in the cabin.  No cabin is left unattended.  Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!