“Spacial” Day Was a Beautiful Day Here at GV!

Dear Parents & Friends,

What a day we’ve had…. hot and beautiful weather with a breeze all day long and big puffy clouds filling our exceptional view of the mountains.  Much different than yesterday which was very cool (73 degrees high) and spitting rain most of the day.  Everything blew right away today and it was clear with no haze in the air.  Tonight it’s supposed to get down to 56 but it will be cooler at camp because that’s the temp in Brevard.  Our weather here is usually several degrees cooler.  We told all campers tonight to sleep either in their sleeping bag or pull their bags over them.  Every Sunday at camp when it’s not an opening day is “Special Day” and it was truly special.  The theme today was SPACE THE LAST FRONTIER.  Each station and there were many, was so much fun.  There was Satellite Shootout, Biohazard Crossing, Alien Code, Lazer Pass, Logic Lock, Turret Shooters, Rod Reload, Totem Tech, Stellar Navigation, The Alien Ship, Aerial Splash, Coolant Water Ru,. Distress Danger, Sunken Cargo, Monster Prowl, Rocket Rebuild, Bob the Alien, and Control Panel Puzzle.

We held Vespers tonight and it ended early so several cabins made their way to the Gatehouse Green to soak up the view and sunset.  It’s a great place to unwind from the day and get in that wind-down frame of mind.  We held our Vespers service tonight and several campers and staff shared in the theme which was God’s Peace.

We’re about to embark on our last few days of C-1 and there will be several trips out tomorrow for paddling, climbing, and mountain biking crews.  I will be going out with our Mountain Bikers To Dupont tomorrow to shoot some video as well as just enjoy some biking with our campers.  Climbers will head to Looking Glass Rock and our kayakers will hit section 0 of the French Broad.

The next several day’s weather looks good for anything camp related.  Leaving camp on these trips is really fun and takes campers to the next level.  There are so many good reasons that leaving the nest to fly in other areas is a benefit.  What I miss most about leaving camp is the food.  Our food this year has been exceptional and each meal is a delight in itself.  We had some lasagna yesterday that was out of this world (speaking of a space theme).  The mac and cheese with today’s lunch was a hit all around.  We went back for thirds at table 4.  I’m sitting with a great group of campers and that will be something else I will miss by being out of camp tomorrow and Tues.  You really get to know your table friends because you actually spend about as much time with your table as you do with your cabin mates.  We will change tables on Wed. evening when our C-2 campers come in.

Mountainside was given their adventures assignments tonight and everyone was anticipating which adventure they would be going on.  They will start their training days on Tues.  Riverside left camp today to start their paddling component and I hope to join them on Tues. as they take on the Tuck River.  Our C-1 campers have had a great time and it’s been nonstop since they arrived.  These last few days fly by and soon camp will be a memory and we hope one that lasts.  Stay tuned as we make every moment special in our “Simple Joys” world of camp.