Some Sun and PM Rain…!

Dear Parents and Friends,

It was a brilliant morning and the sun slowly gave way to a few showers this afternoon.  No thunder meant that all activities went on as planned.  Activities took place this morning and afternoon with children riding horses, arrows being shot, kayaking on the lake, weaving, pottery, dance, basketry, and many other activities.

Mountainside spent the day participating in two more of their mini adventures so that they can decide on the adventure of their choice. Today concludes their four minis and they have all tried mountain biking, pioneering, climbing, and canoeing. They looked great out on the lake learning their pry and draw strokes, learning to paddle tandem and practicing their teamwork. A fire in their lodge this evening has provided warmth and atmosphere to their evening program.  Riverside took off for Linville Gorge today and probably got a bit of our rain over there.  As I gazed at the weather map this afternoon, almost none of the mountains escaped the raindrops.  We just get wet skin deep and unless there is thunder and lightening we suit up and keep going.

Half of Main Camp was supposed to camp out tonight but we called it because of the steady rain that started falling just before dinner.  It’s difficult to get a fire going when it’s raining and trying to cook over an open fire is even more difficult in this weather.  We have several shelters on camp that provide a place to cook out, so the cabins used those to prepare their dinner and slept soundly in cabins tonight.  It was just good sense to make sure our campers get a good nights sleep without getting wet and having to dodge the rain drops through the night.  You could almost smell the smore’s being cooked over the fires that accommodated our cabins for their dinner meal over a covered fire.

We had some fun at table 13 today with orange peels.  I showed the campers at my table what you do with the orange wedges after you eat all the orange pulp.  All it takes is a normal kitchen knife and a bit of goofiness and voila, you have“orange teeth”.   It’s an old trick from my early camp days and one that’s sure to make you laugh whether you’re wearing the teeth or looking at the wearer.

Day 3 A

We closed our evening tonight with Mountain Dancing in the Lodge.  Debbie played the piano and called a few of the dances as she played.  There was a lot of laughter and fun had by everyone.

Our campers are now snug in their bunks under their warm covers and blankets awaiting another day of fun to begin in the morning!   Stay tuned!