Soggy With a Sunny Side Up!

Dear Parents & Friends,

If you’ve been watching our weather you know that it has been a rainy day, but no worries mate, as they say down under , camp goes on despite the weather. It was soggy everywhere today. I left early this morning to go with Mountainside paddlers and it began raining before we left camp around 8:00. We hit a lot of rain on the trip over to the mighty Tuckaseegee. The good news is when you’re surrounded by water and it’s falling from the sky, it’s not a big deal. Everyone had enough clothes and rain gear so we all stayed warm. Our group got on the river at about 11:30 and it poured rain for most of our trip. Everyone had a great time and we even had time to stop at Jump Rock which is a huge rock over a very deep pool that folks jump into. The campers did an exceptional job on Railroad Rapid, Pyramid, Moon Shot, S Turn, Double Drop, Snickers Challenge, and other minor bumps along the way. I was able to get some Go Pro footage but couldn’t get out the video camera because it was too wet. Lunch along the way gave everyone a chance to tank up again and stay warm in spite of mother nature.

It was a little soggy at the farm today, but life goes on at GV and there was corn that needed to be harvested and animals that need to be fed. We are picking vegetables in anticipation of your arrival with us on Sunday for lunch. There will be a big spread with most of the lunch meal coming from our farm. More news about that later. As we wind down our Discovery activities in the morning children were showing off their talents and skills from every aspect of camp. Climbers were taking on some more challenging climbs today and those in our weaving class were able to pull their material off the loom to see what it looked like. There is something special when you make something by hand and are able to take it home. Most everyone does a tie dye while at camp and the colors and patterns are spectacular as you will see. The methods we use keep the colors fast and non-fading so it’s ok to wash with other articles of clothing. Candles were also in abundance in the finished product category. The campers can make scented candles in molds or dip candles which are equally as creative. We of course encourage them to check with parents before lighting them at home.

Probably the highlight of today was the fact that it was Tajar Ball. We awoke this morning to lots of Tajar Folly. There were kayaks on the Green, teacups hanging from the trees, and hula hoops hanging everywhere and of course that was just the tip of the iceberg. To celebrate the Tajar’s birthday we have a large masquerade ball. Everyone is dressed up and no one knows who the Tajar really is. It’s like a giant carnival with all kinds of activities and food. Carnival stations included: Tin Can Toss, Sponge Toss, Corn Hole, Duck Sling Shot, Guess the Number of M&M’s, Face Painting, Balloon Animals, Slack Line, Soccer Shootout, Penny Drop, Hay Rides, Toilet Paper Toss, Slip and Slide, Minute Challenge, Strong Man Bell Ring, and of course the infamous Dunk Tank. A good time had by all and lots of food after our meal of burgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings. After the Ball we had an appearance by Walt Disney and he introduced our play that was a mish mash of Disney stories with a twist. Our young thespians did a great job singing and acting.

It’s hard to believe we only have one full day left and more great things are happening tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted so stay tuned!