Soggy Turns Beautiful!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Our day started much like the past few days with all things drippy wet soggy and then would clear up a bit. Today was no different. However, about mid-morning when we’d previously gotten rain, the sun came out and it was beautiful the rest of the day. The next two days really like good as far as weather and temps. Your view of camp pics today starts with Katherine and her OLS group. Outdoor Living Skills teaches all kinds of things from building simple fires to erecting a tarp, map and compass, to lashing with cordage and the basics of cooking. It’s like scouts but with girls or with boys. I’ve been a scout leader and my sons have both been in scouting so like scouts there are many skills to learn about living in the woods. Katherine was here last year and is expanding on her repertoire and experience. She is presently working on a turbo stove that will cook a meal just using a small amount of wood and some different sized tin cans.

From outdoor skills to arts skills, Batik is winding down with their work and the colors are fantastic. Campers were at Yanderside today working on their final touches for block printing. And then there’s basket weaving which seems to take on the stereotypical craft for camp. It’s frankly not that easy and you have to pay attention to what you’re doing because it’s hard to correct a mistake. The basket materials can be dyed and beads can be used throughout the weaving process.

Tree climbing was a great place to be this morning as the temperature went up. Under our hemlocks next to the lake is always a cool and refreshing place to learn the “ropes” as well have fun and check out the great views from the top of our trees. We started tree climbing the year we took over camp and it has been a hit since then. It’s very different from climbing a wall or even a rock. Works off the same principles of rock climbing so all safety protocols and equipment are the same. We placed our video guy in the tree yesterday to get a different perspective on what it’s like as the camper ascends the tree. One starts on a rope ladder and about 15 feet up begins to use the many branches that the Hemlock affords. As you may or may not know most of our Hemlocks in the southeast are dying because of an insect called the Wooly Adelgid. They have wrought havoc on the trees and we’re doing what we can to treat many of ours in camp proper. So far so good and think we’ll be able to keep the ones that are important to inner camp (about 40 + trees).

If you caught the picture of all the piglets sleeping on top of one another, it’s a classic. I usually try and get our photographers to take only pics of children but love these shots. What’s not to love about piglets as well as ice cream. I know, it’s not much of a comparison. I took a break from my blog tonight to get something to drink and noticed that our Mill staff had left some homemade ice cream in our freezer in the office kitchen. Campers made ice cream at the Mill today and I don’t know if it’s the same flavor but it’s delicious. Camp this summer has made probably 90% of all the ice cream we consume here and it’s done off the power of the Mill. You can make any flavor and they certainly do that. My favorite is peach but the cherry they left us today really hit the spot.

Kids in whitewater kayaks are getting ready for a river trip next week as are those campers who are climbers in Main Camp. Both groups will be out next week and it should prove to be a fun and challenging day as they take on different environs for their sports. Lots of activity at camp each day and this is not the only venue for reporting it all. The Tajar Times is published every day and lots of campers contribute their two cents and more. The Times is our 4 page newspaper and carries everything from feature length articles to the weather and jokes for the day. If you can get your hands on a copy, do so. They are read by many and our own Team Maintenance are avid readers of the Times. Dale was quoted as saying, “The T Times is way better than anything on Netflix!” If you’re in need of a good newspaper look for the T Times, maybe coming soon to your local newsstand. Stay tuned!