So Much To Do, So Many Adventures and So Much Fun!

Dear Parents and Friends,

It was another very wonderful day here at camp with another cool evening.  From sweatshirt to sweatshirt the morning and evening dictated warmer clothing.  Campers will use their sleeping bags as comforters again tonight and it will be hard to pry them from their warm beds in the morning.  Sleep will come fast and easy as a sliver of a moon has begun to sink in our Western Sky.  Cabins of children were out on the Gatehouse Green to watch the sunset and get a glimpse of our Blue Ridge Mountains against an almost October like evening.  Some were playing and running in the carpet like grass, others were being read a story and some just chasing fireflies.

Tonight’s campfire celebrated three of our international day countries, Netherlands, Poland and Germany.  We had meals to match the country starting with chocolate sprinkles on bread for breakfast which was a total hit. (I’m just giving the highlights here.) For lunch a Polish soup and fresh bread along with vegetables and fresh salad wasn’t too shabby either.  Dinner was egg noodles with roast beef, kale and carrots from the garden and other sides plus Black Forest cake.  According to the campers the kitchen hit a grand slam today, but seriously folks, they do it every day.  As I tell them at my table, “you can’t buy food like this”.

For morning program, we again held sign-ups and everyone seemed to enjoy the many choices that were available.  Lake swimming was sparse and will be until our weather warms a bit but we’re not complaining because it’s so pleasant in the sun or shade.  We’re revamping our promotional video and had some folks at camp today running around with cameras and capturing campers as they went about their daily routine.   Everyone wants to be on GV-TV and we are doing our best to capture video for our session highlights which we produce in the fall.  Jacob our camp video guy produced a short clip today that is just from B Session and please click on the link to see it.  B Session Highlights

Things move quickly at camp and there’s always a project, trip out, special happening, extraordinary event, special moment and lots of movement.  The good news is that movement is good for mind, body and soul.  People who exercise their bodies and minds have far more cortical mass than those who don’t. Simple biology supports an obvious link between movement and learning. Oxygen is essential for brain function, and enhanced blood flow increases the amount of oxygen transported to the brain. Physical activity is a reliable way to increase blood flow, and hence oxygen, to the brain.  We all benefit from play and creative play! That play translates to healthy living at camp, eating well, learning, being with other people and gaining life experience.  Camp does a world of good.

Camp to the child seems large and distances shrink when you’re older until you leave camp proper (downtown GV) and venture out farther.  I went on a hike with a small group today to “The Rock” which is up near the top of our property.  It’s a rock promontory that captures a beautiful view of our valley and all the way up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. One can see Mt. Pisgah, Cedar Rock, Pounding Mill, Devil’s Courthouse, and Shining Rock from our “Rock”.  Only a couple of the campers had been there before so it was a first time for the rest.  It’s a great view point but not an easy hike with some steep rope climbing over roots and rocks to get there.  It’s an adventure in of itself.  We spent some time there and then went to the other side of the rock where no one had been.  Sophie and Cooper, old campers, now staff, had never been to the other side.  Just passing between one side and the other is kind of spooky and fun.   It’s a great place to learn about ant lions which build conical shaped holes that unsuspecting insects fall into and get captured.  Our hike and tour took about 2 hours but it went quickly and everyone was buzzing about the views and being up there when we returned.  So much to do, so many adventures and so much fun, so stay tuned for more.