Sleeping Big, Single Track and the GV Flop

Dear Parents & Friends,

Happy 4th of July to all of you at home and hope you’re enjoying the Holiday.  We will be celebrating the 4th tomorrow and wanted to get a day of camp under our belts before we went into celebration mode.  We’ll have fireworks tomorrow night and children will be up a little later so we wanted to get everyone a good night’s  sleep on the first full day of camp.  Speaking of sleep, I was at breakfast this morning before all the children went in to the dining room.  They line up at different doors, Hillside at one, Brookside at another and so on.  I was asking the Echo boys about how they slept.  One of the little guys looked right up at me and said, “I slept big”.  That’s a great way to put it.  He obviously slept very well and then the conversation went directly to dinosaurs.  I actually had breakfast with the same crew.  We didn’t get our table assignments until lunchtime so I could eat with any cabin I wanted.  I usually have an assigned table in most sessions but I also will skip around to eat with a lot of different children.  My table this session has a wonderful group of children from New York City to Atlanta, to Charlotte.  It’s a great way to meet new friends at camp and it’s always fun to have a talkative and engaging table.  I think my new one will be great.

We just had a sprinkle of rain today after yesterdays hard rain that lasted for about an hour.  All activities were in full swing and it was a very warm day.  Archery takes place in the field just outside my office so I’m afforded a special viewpoint  and can usually tell when someone hits a bulls eye.  Those baby calves at the farm are getting bigger by the day and campers bottle feed them twice each day and provide fresh water and a little bit of food.  By the end of the summer they are very tame and will follow anyone that resembles a child or a farm person.  You learn a lot about how to feed a baby calf and you have to hold the bottle a certain way.  Instinctively they will push the bottle hard, thinking you’re the mother, the purpose being  to push more milk into the nipple.  It’s a natural occurrence and feeders have to be ready or you might get pushed down.  It’s always good to hold the bottle to the side instead of straight on.  We’re expecting or I should say she’s (mama pig) expecting her piglets to be born hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  That’s always a treat here at camp and children come to the middle session just to be here for this event or at least try to be.  Piglets are very cute.  We’re anticipating our first tomatoes to begin coming in soon.  Also there’s a pretty good crop of natural blackberries out there in our surrounding woods.

Campers tried their hand at mountain biking today and took on some manmade skills that we’ve created here at camp.  Willis worked the crew today on riding different terrain in the attack position which is a necessary skill to learn when riding in our mountains on single track.  It’s a good skill to have even if you just ride in your neighborhood or across the playground to join a friend.  They also got a workout on the two camp trails.  One is a bit tougher and challenging and the other is good for beginners who are just starting to learn single track.  Single track is riding on a trail that usually about 2 to 4 feet wide depending on the area you’re riding in.  It can be dense underbrush trees on both side or more wide open with a track running through low shrubs and bushes.  It’s usually designed to channel off water so it’s designed like a roller coaster and can have some banked turns and quick rollers.  We’ll try and put some video up of our trails here on the property.


The kayakers are getting familiar with their boats and doing wet exits.  That’s when you roll over and literally fall out of the boat and up to the surface.  It’s first good to try this without a spray skirt and then to try it with the skirt.  We finished off our cabin skits tonight and everyone did a super job on stage.  There’s always some hams in the group.  Riverside leaves for their adventure tomorrow and will be heading up to Looking Glass Rock for at least the first day.  From there we’ll see where they’ll end up.  We’re waiting to see what the weather holds for the next few days.  I spent some time with on the lake today with Riverside and we finished our time with the famous GV flop.  You get everyone lined up on the dock and fall backwards, while holding hands, stiff as a board.  It’s fun and makes a lot of splash action.  Check out the Riverside photos for more.  The simple joys of GV.  Stay tuned!