Sign-ups All Day Long !

Dear Parents & Friends,

It’s been a gorgeous day here today. As I write the temperature has fallen to 65 degrees and tonight it’s supposed to get down to 57. Cool breezes blew all day and we had relief from the humidity that’s been occupying our skin over the past few days. This of course made for great activity conditions both on and off site. We had several trips out of camp today including bikers, hikers and climbers. There was also a sit-on-top kayak trip out this afternoon. With the weather and prep they did beforehand every single trip was a success. There were some tired campers from all trips but that makes the day and sleeping even better.

Bikers went to Dupont and rode on one of my favorite trails called Reasonover and then on to Airstrip where they stopped to visit Bridal Veil Falls which is where the Hunger Games and Last of the Mohicans was filmed. You’ll also see pics of the Bikers swimming at Lake Julia and at the Falls. Hikers went up to John’s Rock nearby the National Fish Hatchery in Pisgah. Beautiful views and a monolithic rock face that juts out of prime Pisgah Lands. Climbers went to the Nose area at Looking Glass Rock to climb a route called Sun Dial, which lived up to its name today.

If you stayed back in Main Camp today you had sign-ups in the morning and in the afternoon. You may have caught a fish at the Mill or been involved in a morning signup to make a corn husk doll with Cindy. Jackson Kayakers were on the lake all day getting ready for a river trip off site tomorrow. They will head out to the upper French Broad. Hordes of campers were at the lake today trying out the zip line and the tension traverse. It’s a tough challenge to make it all the way across without falling into the water. The zip line is just pure fun especially if you can perform a spider man as you’re zipping along.

For those that wanted a dry land experience there was so much to choose from including in the sports arena: basketball, fat bat baseball, soccer and of course the infamous Thunderball, aka, GA GA. We renamed it Thunderball. Your children can tell you all about it. It’s probably the most famous and most popular game in camp. I learned about the game at a conference and brought it to camp about 4 years ago. We played with a temporary setup one summer and then built a permanent structure. If arts and crafts were your thing today, the arts were alive and well at camp.

A beautiful day ended with our Thespians putting on their drama and dance performance for Main Camp this evening. They did a great job and it was all done by the campers with help from Sophie and Julian. They wrote and learned all their lines and music to the songs which Debbie wrote.

Just a quick word about Riverside; they started their water component today with a trip to the Green River to get their paddling legs. We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

We talk a lot about program at camp but I feel the essence of what we do is about the bonding and friendships that happen at camp. They are different from those that occur at school and on sports teams. The intensity of living together and experiencing life together, without distractions, creates the ideal setting to form lifelong friendships and really get to know people well.

Read more about camp friendships in Friends: Finding Gold in a Plastic Era.

So parents, if people ever question your decision to send your young child to a traditional, longer camp stay this summer, let them know that it’s hard for you to let your child go, but that you’re giving your child a gift that will have more impact than any material item you’ve ever given. Thank you for sharing your child.