Session B last full day

Dear Parents & Friends,

What a day we had today.  Great last day of Session B.  I can hardly believe it’s over.  Just finished campfire with some great songs by staff and campers.  We have some very talented people here and it was in evidence tonight as we shared with one another at friendship campfire.  Debbie always ends our campfire with “Sheep May Safely Graze”, a beautiful song that you will hear tomorrow if you stay for our campfire at 11:00.

We had several trips out of camp today including Kayakers, Mountain Bikers and Hikers.  All had a good deal of fun and came back tuckered out but revived with steak at lunch and pizza at dinner.  Traditionally the last afternoon at camp, everyone goes swimming at the pool.  It’s a time when the  med staff makes sure that campers don’t go home with any unattended bug bites, scrapes or scratches.  We want to be sure that your child comes home healthy and happy.  Expect them to be tired.  One youngster at my table tonight said she slept for almost 2 days when she returned from camp last year.  Even though they go to bed at a reasonable hour each night, they put in long days here at camp and are sometimes falling asleep at campfire as was the case with some of our Echo boys tonight.

You’ll see a few pics from “The Rock” as Rosebay girls made their way up the high vantage point on the property.  It’s a steep short hike but worth the view.  It’s a nice morning walk if you want some exercise or just a quiet place to contemplate.  I love going to the other side where few campers go to check out the ant lions.  If you’ve never seen an ant lion they are pretty incredible little critters.  I don’t know where they fall in the insect world but they are pretty ferocious.  They build cone shaped cylinders that trap other insects and they lay in the bottom of their hole and wait for an unsuspecting insect to fall in and they grab them.  They camouflage themselves by burrowing near the surface of the hole and are totally undetectable.  Sometimes you can trip them to the surface by placing a small twig near them and they will spring out thinking it’s prey.  We live in critter heaven if you’re into that sort of thing.  Someone is always finding something interesting from the natural world.  We are a haven for beetles, bugs, salamanders, crawfish, moths, caterpillars and frogs.  There are a pair of nesting red shouldered hawks in the tree where we do Arborist climbing.  You can hear them crying out each morning.  Our land is special and really adds to the program.  It’s yet another aspect of GV that opens up a whole new world for the children who love to explore.

Arrive in time to attend morning friendship circle in your child’s cabin at 10:30 and our total camp campfire is at 11:00.  Riverside and Mountainside will have their campfires at 10:30  After that you are welcome to dine with us and then continue walking around or head home.  In any case we hope that your child has had a great time and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning.  Safe travels and stay tuned!