Sad To Say Good-Bye


What a great day here and I can’t believe the week has gone so quickly!  Isn’t that how it works.  When you’re having fun things tend to speed up and go too fast.  The older I get the more time flies.  I always convey to our staff to really enjoy the moment because the nine weeks of summer will fly by. On our last full day we held sign-ups this morning and every single activity you could think of was up and running.  Before we jump too far ahead, last night was the Tajar’s birthday and the magic of the moment happened from dinner through the end of Tajar Ball.  Carnival, games, fun, food and costumes make for a great end to our day.  There’s a giant picnic on the Green complete with burgers, dogs and all kinds of trimmings.  We’ve had great weather the past couple of days and that was helpful as we welcomed Riverside and Mountainside back into camp after their adventures.  

This afternoon was filled with packing and of course pillowcase day where everyone goes to the pool and takes their pillowcase along.  You get it wet and fill it with air – voilà, you have a floatation device.  It was the perfect day to be at the pool and everyone enjoyed their last swim.  Along with pillowcase day is our traditional last meal of pizza and of course a delicious dessert of brownies.  All the pizza was hand made as well as the crust.  Some campers had treats early today at the mill, where they made Johnny Cakes in the morning.  Eating here is a highlight at every meal.  We spend time together at the table and don’t just eat and run.  There’s always time for good conversation and finding out what people are doing as the day progresses.

Tonight after dinner we participated in our traditional daily “after supper activities”.  That time of the day is always wonderful and a nice time to wind down before campfire.  Friendship campfire included Anne and me presenting blankets and plaques to our 4, 5, and 8 year campers.  There were a lot of them and we also recognized our campers who have attended camp for up to 10 years.  Several staff even go beyond the 10 year mark because they started as campers.  For the first time in many years we held our Friendship campfire outdoors due to protocols and it was a wonderful evening as all of camp gathered for songs and celebrating our time at Gwynn Valley.  We concluded the evening with a video and slide show from the session which we’ll put up on line in the days ahead.

As you arrive tomorrow you will greet your campers on the Gatehouse Green (office field) and may walk around camp to see where your child participated in activities and some of their favorite places.  We ask that you not go into their cabins and please recognize distancing and mask protocols if you’re closer than 6 feet from those outside of your family bubble.  See you tomorrow and thank you for sharing your children with us. We hope to see everyone back at camp next summer! We are sad to say good-bye!