Rocks, Roots and Kiwi’s!

Dear Parents & Friends,

I spent a good portion of my day with the Mountain Bikers in Dupont riding just over 9 miles of single track.  It was an all male group that left under drizzly and humid skies this morning.   Arriving at Dupont we started at Reasonover Creek out of Fawn Lake parking area.  The descent down to the creek was a bit slippery but everyone held their line in getting down and then it was back up over roots and rocks to the top of Turkey Knob.  From there it was over to Lake Julia and then on to Bridal Veil Falls where we lunched and also walked to the top of the falls.  Bridal Veil has had two semi recent movies filmed there at the spot where we lunched: The Hunger Games and Last of the Mohicans.  By the time we arrived at Bridal Veil the skies were sunny with just passing clouds.

Everyone wanted to swim and they also wanted to ride some downhill so we pushed on up hill after lunch to the Airstrip Trail and descended down to Shelter Rock where it climbs very quickly back to the top of Laurel Ridge.  The Airstrip Trail starts at a real airstrip that was built years ago but now is inactive.  The photo you see inside this update is at the end of the old runway looking out toward Pisgah National Forest.  From the Laurel Ridge, Corn Mill Shoals trail is a steady slick-rock rooty climb.  I would say it’s one of the hardest climbs in Dupont.  Everyone attempted and rode parts of it but it eventually took its toll.  From there it was on to Fawn Lake to swim for a while and then out to meet our pickup.  In our nine miles of riding we ascended around 1120 feet and descended just shy of that number. I’ve thrown in our profile sheet to take a look at the ride we did today.

Airstrip biking

B session Biking 2016

Tonights dinner was to celebrate New Zealand and it was International Day at camp recognizing Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Kiwi’s.  We started off the morning with William Wallace of Braveheart fame, coming down from the Highlands to give his famous speech.  Callum did a fabulous job as he rattled off word for word the lines from the scene in the movie where they are outnumbered and ready to turn and run.  Campfire tonight brought together many of the Commonwealth countries  to add to the festivities.  There were songs, skits and stories all performed by campers.  Everything from the Loch Ness Monster to children’s songs and dances were presented.

While in Dupont today we caught a quick glimpse of the Mountainside Bikers but they quickly rode off into the distance.  They didn’t recognize our small group of 6 plus staff.  With just a couple of days of camp left we look forward to Mountainside and Riverside coming back to tell stories of adventure and camping under the stars.  I will be in camp all day tomorrow and look forward to providing you a  more full report of a typical GV day.  Stay tuned!