Dear Families and Friends,

Today was another wonderful day at camp filled with reunions, excitement, and even a ball! We began our day waking up to the folly that the Tajar had been up to in anticipation of his birthday. The Tajar is a dear friend of ours at camp and we celebrate his birthday each session with a ball. At breakfast there was an excited buzz around the dining hall as everyone discussed what they were wearing for that nights ball and what they were excited to do for the day.

As main camp enjoyed their final day of discoveries, Mountainside trained and prepared for their three day adventure. Their own excitement brewing as they discussed the trails they would be hiking or biking, the rocks they would be climbing, and the rivers they would be canoeing on.

As we prepare to send Mountainside off on their three day adventure, we excitedly welcomed our Riversiders back from their first excursion! We can’t wait to hear more exciting stories from the past four days.

Our final afternoon of sign-ups offered a fun variety of activities. Our Main Campers got to go on the rope swing and traverse line on the lake, play capture the flag, and go climbing our hemlock trees, among many other things. With clear skies and pleasant mountain temperatures, it was a perfect afternoon!

When the bell rang for dinner, campers came down dressed in their Tajar Ball costumes, ready for a night of picnics, hay rides, and ice cream. It was certainly a sight to behold as the campers arrived on the soccer field, which had been transformed into a carnival (complete with an inflatable obstacle course). The night was filled with dancing and games!

As our evening ended with a group dance to the Macarena, the true feeling of camp surrounded us all. We are cherishing our final few days of A session, and are all grateful for such a wonderful start to the summer!