Rainy, Sunny and Oh So Funny

Dear Parents & Friends,

A rainy morning turning to sun and turning back to rain about 7:30 this evening.  You can never really make a call on the weather around here.  If you don’t like it just stick around and it will change.  That’s what one ole timer told me years ago.  We had a variety of activities today to go along with the variety of weather.  Mountainside had a day of signups today by taking a day off from their mini-adventures.  There were creek hikes, tomahawk throwing, arts & crafts and a variety of things that kept them occupied and provided some rest before they start minis again tomorrow.

The rainy morning provided a slow start to the day after fireworks from the previous night kept everyone up just a little bit later.  I had one youngster at my table who could barely hold his head up tonight after dinner.  Everyone got to bed a good bit earlier tonight because we ended campfire a little early.  The rain will put everyone to sleep and hopefully everyone will “sleep big”.  It’s a full day here and we’re all a little tuckered at this hour.  I remember trips to the beach when I was a kid, playing all day on the beach, running, swimming, and just collapsing at night.  It’s that kind of day here.  They play all day long and they go hard.  Sleep is so important.  Anne and I have 4 teenagers so we know about how much sleep they require and children at camp are no different.

Most of our campers start going to bed just after 8:30 and most everyone has settled in by 9:30 except maybe our Riversiders.  Speaking of which, they dodged raindrops today and are still climbing and will go out to either Looking Glass or Cedar Rock tomorrow.  A good way to check in on cabins to see how they are doing is to attend an open house in a cabin.  That’s when one of us goes in without the counselors being there, we hold a little question and answer session with the children.  They are always quite honest and will tell you how their counselors are doing. It’s a good way to see how those counselors are handling cabin life which is where it all starts at camp.  A good cabin life usually translates to a happy camper.  Our staff hold a great deal of the magic of camp and children usually remember their staff before they remember what they did at camp.  The counseling staff who are so important in their lives.  Tonight we hosted a mountain dance in the Lodge.  Our camp photographer couldn’t make it because of the rain – it was pouring.  We try and get pics the next time around.  The campers loved it when the counselors danced any part of the evening.  We do one dance called “Going to Kentucky” where a person is picked to come to the middle of the circle and the children always squeal when their counselor is the one chosen.  It’s only natural because they are taking your place as the parent while your child is here.  Their role is parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, big brother, big sister, and most importantly, adult. Camp is a place to be silly and come out of your shell and we have some great staff that always make us laugh.  Their most important role is being that adult who can make good decisions and take great care with your children.  They are truly what makes our summer.  Hats off to our staff this summer and stay tuned!