Playing in the Rain!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Although it has been a rainy day at camp, we have had lots of fun and played a lot. Activities took place this morning and afternoon with children riding horses, arrows being shot, kayaking on the lake, weaving, pottery, dance, basketry, and many other activities. We have had a fire going all day in the lodge which has helped keep us dry and warm. It is true mountain weather at camp and the campers are all wearing those fleeces, sweatshirts, and raincoats you packed.

Mountainside spent the day participating in two more of their mini adventures so that they can choose their adventure. Today concludes their four minis and they have all tried mountain biking, pioneering, climbing, and canoeing. They looked great out on the lake learning their pry and draw strokes, learning to paddle tandem and practicing their teamwork. A fire in their lodge this evening has provided warmth and atmosphere to their evening program.

Riverside was scheduled to begin their climbing trip today but due to the rain we have rescheduled that adventure for their second week and they spent this morning paddling on the lake and learning how to navigate their canoes before they paddled a section on the French Broad late this afternoon. They enjoyed a feast of stir fry this evening under the six tarps they set up at their campsite on the Hunt Farm. They will paddle the Green River tomorrow. Paddlers love the rain and are always ready to hit the river while climbers anxiously await the sunshine.

The smell of campfires and food cooking filled camp this evening as several cabin groups cooked out at the Mill and our three covered cookout sites. The campers and their counselors really enjoyed their s’mores!!!

We closed our evening tonight with Mountain Dancing with Winni leading us all in several square dances. We twirled, swung our partners and did the dosi-do to Debbie’s music. There was a lot of laughter and fun had by everyone.

Our campers are now snug in their bunks under their warm comforters and blankets awaiting another day of fun to begin in the morning!  Stay Tuned!

Grant was out all day with Riverside so tonight’s update comes from Anne.