Paving the Way!

There is that great adage that says, “those who precede us”.  Well in this case it’s a big brother.  One of the true joys of camp is sharing it with a sibling.  Many stories are told at the dinner table about life as a camper and younger siblings usually have to wait to experience it for themselves.  Just imagine if you were 4, 5, or 6 and had listened to all the great stories that come home each year.  We have a good many siblings who attend camp each year and in many cases it’s an older brother or sister who has paved the way here at Gwynn Valley Camp. I’ve seen younger siblings on opening day cry when their big bro or sis and says goodbye at the cabin.  It’s not so much because they’ll miss them, but because they had those oral traditions passed down and want that experience for themselves.  And yes, they do miss them when their gone.

It’s fun to go to camp with your sibling.  You can have your own experience or you can make it a point to see one another a little each day.  Maybe you might want to eat at the same table together.  I can be a lot of fun.  You might even be able to take a few activities together because there’s a lot to choose from each and every day.  Last night I was in Alexandria, Va with the Robinson Family who hosted our show.  Sammy and William are both going to camp this summer and Sam has paved the way for William.  William is psyched to sink his first year teeth into camp and experience some of what big brother has. The next best thing is bring one of your friends.  So….bring a brother, sister or friend and experience the simple joys of summer camp in the beautiful North Carolina Mountains.