Download this Packing List for your reference.


What to pack

When packing for your camper, please be sure to send old clothes or clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. The campers play hard outdoors a lot. Also be sure to label your child’s clothes and items with the camper’s last name and first initial, or first name if space provided. This allows for us to return the correct article of clothing to the correct camper if the item is misplaced throughout their time at camp. This also allows the counselors to return the clothing to the camper after the cabin laundry is done. Clothes and items to be labeled: shirts, shorts, underwear, socks, towels, water bottles, raincoats, costume for Tajar Ball, if your camper is bringing a costume from home, etc.

Trunk, Duffle, or Suitcase?

Campers unpack most of their belongings onto shelves we call “cubbies”. What their belongings are packed in doesn’t matter unless they are flying to camp or the luggage is being shipped. If you need to purchase baggage for your child, we recommend a trunk or duffle bag. Airlines will accept a trunk as part of regular baggage. If your camper’s baggage is not accompanying him/her to camp, please ship it by UPS two weeks in advance.

Packing for Sunday Service

As you read through the Packing List, you will notice “one white outfit for Sunday Service”. On Sundays, we close our day with a non-sectarian service that is God centered where we encourage camper and staff involvement. It is a tradition at Gwynn Valley to wear casual white clothes to the Sunday Service. A simple white t-shirt is fine. There is no Sunday Service during E Session.

Packing for Tajar Ball

The Tajar is a mythical creature that lives here at Gwynn Valley. He is part Tiger, part Badger, and part Jaguar. We celebrate his birthday every session (except Session C1*) with a costume ball. All the campers and staff dress up in costume for a camp-wide cookout/picnic followed by carnival games, hayrides, music, and ice cream. Some campers bring their own costumes from home while others visit Gwynn Valley’s costume room with their cabin group to pick out something to wear. If your child wants to bring a costume, please make sure that it is child friendly and fun. At the Tajar Ball, we see everything from Harry Potter, a cabin full of Dalmatians, to the Ninja Turtles. *Please note: Session C1 has a 4th of July celebration instead!

No Spending Money Needed

There is no canteen or regular store where campers can make purchases; therefore, there is NO NEED FOR ANY CASH to be brought to camp. If the need for incidentals should arise (stamps, disposable camera, flashlight, batteries, lost toothbrush, etc.) these items are available for campers at “The Window” (located at the camp office) and are charged to their store account. Store accounts should be settled on Closing Day. Gwynn Valley clothing items, mugs, crazy creeks etc. are available for sale on Opening and Closing Days.


Each cabin’s laundry is combined into one laundry bag and is washed twice a week. Please be sure to mark all of your child’s clothing, including socks, raincoat, etc. and to send clothes in which your child can play and get muddy!

Items to Leave at Home

Trading cards, hair dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, make-up, toy guns, electronic devices (i-pods, mp3 players, tablets, e-readers, radios, cell phones, electronic games, etc.), breakable or fragile items, pets, gum, candy, or any other food.

“We are so grateful for them to be able to ‘Do what they do at Gwynn Valley’.  As a parent, I know that means having a safe place to challenge themselves, experience new things, be in nature, be a part of traditions, make friends and so much more!”